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Russia Launches ‘Arktika-M’, 1st satellite to monitor Climate change in Arctic

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Russia Launches Its First Arctic-Monitoring Satellite Arktika-MOn February 28, 2021, Russia launched the ‘Arktika-M’ 1st satellite to monitor climate change in the Arctic Region. The satellite was launched from a Soyuz-2.1b carrier rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan.

  • Arktika-M is the First of two satellites launched by Russia for creating a Hydrometeorological & climate monitoring system to monitor the climate & environment in the Arctic.
  • The second Arktika Satellite is set for launch in 2023.

Key Points

  • The satellite will be able to monitor & take images every 15-30 minutes of the Arctic due to its highly elliptical orbit which passes over the northern latitudes.
  • The satellite will be able to retransmit distress signals from ships, aircraft, people in the remote part of International Coaspas-Sarsar search and rescue programme.

Economic Development of Arctic

  • The economic development of the Arctic is one of the key goals of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • The Arctic holds huge reserves of Oil & Gas which are being eyed by countries like the United States, Canada, Norway & Russia.

‘Worst-case climate warming Scenarios’

In February 2021, a team of researchers from University of Edinburgh and Leeds and University College London stated that some of the largest losses in the last 30 years were from the Arctic Sea ice.

About Russia:

Capital– Moscow
Currency– Russian Rouble
President– Vladimir Putin