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RRB PO Interview Experience shared by AB

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Hi friends, this is Amit from Abohar, Punjab. Many of the readers of Affairs Cloud know me by AB.  I am an ardent reader of Affairs Cloud and I want to share my interview experience and hope it helps the fellow readers!!..

My interview time was 1:00 pm(Panel I) and reached the venue at around 12:20 pm and then I was called for the document verification. They were keen on document verification and were checking word by word of the spelling of our name, D.O.B., Father Name etc. Here I got a problem!! There was a mistake in my father’s name in my Mark Sheets then one penal member said you are rejected. I was like a bird in danger at that time. I was in so much trouble. Then they said if your bio-metric matched then you are in otherwise you are rejected. But It matched and then they said yes you can go for your interview..



  • Name: Amit Kumar
  • Location: Abohar, Punjab
  • Venue of Examination: Kapurthala
  • Date: 17/11/2015

Here I am presenting my interview after this much trouble.. :)

I was called into the room, as I stepped in the room I found 4 men and 1 lady in my panel. I was bit shocked to see so many people, I wished them good afternoon sir and god afternoon mam.

I was asked to sit and then it started :

M1: You are from?

Replied: Sir, I am from Abohar.

M1: You have done your graduation from?

Replied: Sir from Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Institute.

M2: When?

Replied: Sir, in 2012.

M3: What you did in these three years?

Replied: Sir I am preparing for banking exams from three years.

Lady: But why banking Amit?

Replied: Mam, I have tried in my field but didn’t get success. My friends were preparing for bank exams at that time and they told me about banking sector how it helps for the growth of the economy and at what rate it is expanding nowadays. If somebody does hard work then he/she can grow with the pace of the institution from clerk level to MD level. Then I took inspiration from my friends that the hard work that I am putting in private sector why not to do the same in public sector.

M1: What is Bank?

Replied: Sir bank is an institution that accept and safeguard money owned by other individuals and then lending out this money in order to earn a profit.

M1: Yes you are right please continue….

M2: How does a bank get income?

Replied: Sir, by holding funds on deposit for people who have excess cash and then loaning that money out to others.

M2: Good. What is Social Banking?

Replied: Sorry sir don’t know about that..

M2: Okay the first bank of India was?

Replied: Sir, Bank of Hindustan.

M2: What was the need to establish public sector banks?

Replied: Sir at that time private sector banks open their branches only to make profits and as a result most of the people couldn’t enjoy the banking facilities. So that common man gets the basic banking facilities.

I was just going to explain more but then other penal member asked who made public sector banks?

Replied: Sir it was under Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s Government

M2: Why were banks nationalized?

Replied: Sir to ensure release of huge amounts held by the Private Banks by way of deposits from the general public for the equitable and inclusive growth of the Country’s economy and facilitate easy access to credit for the common people for their needs.

All penal members:Very Good Amit..

M2: What was the initial capital?

Replied: Sir, 50crore.

M3: Okay Good.

M2: Government is making private sector banks the public ones. Then why does it provide license to private sector banks?

Replied: Sir, to expand banking sector.

All members: Very Good. Thank You.

Me: Thank you.

All the best guys. I hope my experience will help all of you. :)