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RRB Assistant Interview Experience shared by Nrup

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Hi Firends! Our reader Nrup shared his Interview Experience that he had during his IBPS RRB Interview and got Dena Gramin Bank. You MUST HAVE said No to all comforts and to all distractions. May success be with you always. Many Many Congratulations. Hope you climb the ladder of success and achieve all your dreams.



Date: 24/11/2015

First thing to do was verifying biometric and after that writing a paragraph in that language which you selected at the time of selecting a particular bank. After few minutes, there was document verification.

My interview started around 4 pm. In my panel there were 4 members, 1 – Female and 3-male. The overall atmosphere was very calm, I entered and wished them GOOD MORNING Sirs & Mam.

M2: Why did you wish Good Morning at this time, it should be good afternoon.

Nrup- Sir both the things are correct.

M2: Explain how both of them are correct?

Nrup: Whenever we wish anyone first time, we could say gm.(M2 still not convinced)

M2: So Nrup, if you meet me at 9 pm and suppose it is the first time you meet me, then what will you wish?

M3: Interrupted and said yes he may wish you Good Morning (M3 was on my side)

M3: So Nrup, tell me why are you saying Good Morning is correct?

Nrup: Sir, because it is the morning time, when any person is absolutely fresh, and wishing him/her Good Morning gives liveliness and energy(M3 convinced)

M3: So from where did you learn this concept Nrup?

Nrup: During my school days my teacher taught us.

M2: Did you ask her that at 9 pm still we could wish Good Morning?

Nrup: I said in my local language that the teacher was very strict, and I didn’t have the daring because the teacher would give ‘methipak’ to us.

(All burst out with laughter and remained smiling throughout the interview)

M1: So Nrup explain about the paragraph you have written

Nrup- Explained

M2: Full form of NABARD

Nrup: Answered

M2: When was it established?

Nrup: Answered.

M3: What are NBFC?

Nrup: Answered

M1: Give some names of NBFC

Nrup: Answered

M2: What are payment banks?

Nrup: Sorry sir, dont know exactly

M1: What is the role of RRB in country?

Nrup: Answered

F: So nrup, what are your hobbies?

Nrup: answered

My interview remained very nice. My result came and I am selected in Dena Gramin bank.

Congratulations for the new position in your job. May you achieve more in future. :)