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Reasoning Questions for IBPS PO Main Exam Set- 18

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Reasoning section in Here we are creating question sample From all topics , which are Important for upcoming IBPS exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in exams !!

1 – 5:
(A) only 1st follows
(B) only 2nd follows
(C) either 1st or 2nd
(D) neither 1st nor 2nd
(E) both 1st and 2nd

  1. Statements: All flowers are trees. No tree is a house. Some houses are wheels
    I. Some trees are flowers
    II. Some wheels are not trees
    In second venn, all wheels can never be trees. Because if all wheels are trees, then some trees will be houses which is not possible (No tree is a house).
    All wheels are trees is not a possibility, so Some wheels are not trees follows.9-1

  2. Statements: All pens are pencils. No pencils are clips. No pencils are dusters.
    I. Some dusters are not pens
    II. Some pens are not clips
    All dusters are wheels is not a possibility. So Some dusters are not pens follows. Same with second conclusion.

  1. Statements: All erasers are pens. All erasers are dusters. Some erasers are sharpeners.
    I. Some pens are not sharpeners.
    II. Some dustres are not sharpeners.
    In second venn, there is a possibility that all pens are sharpeners. So Some pens are not sharpeners do not follow. Same with second conclusion.

  1. Statements: Some horses are dogs. All dogs are cats. No cats are rats.
    I. Some horses are not cats.
    II. No horses are rats.
    As seen in second venn, there is a possibility that all horses are cats. So Some horses are not cats do not follow.
    As seen in first and second venn, horses cannot be cats, and also horses can be cats. So No horses are rats do not follow.

  1. Statements: Some sheets are rods. No sheet is a foil. All rods are marbles.
    I. Some rods are foils
    II. Some rods are not foils
    As seen in first and third venn, some rods cannot be foils, also some rods can be foils, so Some rods are foils do not follow.
    As seen in second venn, if all rods are foils is a possibility, then some sheets will be foils which is not possible. So Some rods are not foils follows.

  1. How many pairs of letters are there in the word CHEQUEBOOK, each of which have as many letters between then in the word as they have between then in the English alphabet?
    A) One
    B) Two
    C) Three
    D) More than three
    B) Two
    Pairs are CE, HO

  2. How many such pairs of digits are there in the number 531468 each of which has as many digits between them in the number as when the digits are rearranged in descending order within the number?
    A) None
    B) One
    C) Two
    D) Three
    B) One

  3. In a certain code language ‘he was not absent’ is written as ‘ja si fe ra’; ‘absent case was not’ is written as ‘ga fe ja ra’ and ‘no one as absent’ is written as ‘da ge ra fe’. What does ‘si’ stands for?
    A) was
    B) not
    C) one
    D) he
    D) he

  4. Statement: The ‘X’ finance company has launched a new tractor loan scheme. It has brought prosperity among the farmers.
    Which of the following assumptions is implicit in the above statements?
    A) The prosperity of farmers solely depends upon the tractor loan scheme.
    B) Tractor is an important input for farmers to enhance the farm activities.
    C) Earlier there was no tractor loan scheme for farmers.
    D) Farmers do not prefer to take loans for buying tractors.
    B) Tractor is an important input for farmers to enhance the farm activities.

  5. Statement: Should there be a cap on drawing groundwater for irrigation purposes in India?
    Courses of Action:
    I. No, irrigation is of prime importance for food production in India and it is heavily dependent on groundwater in many parts of the country.
    II. Yes, water tables have gone down to alarmingly low levels in some part of the country where irrigation is primarily dependent on groundwater, which may lead to serious environmental consequences.
    III. Yes, India just cannot afford to draw groundwater any further as the international agencies have cautioned India against it.
    A) only I and II are strong
    B) only II and III are strong
    C) Only I and III are strong
    D) All I, II, III are strong
    A) only I and II are strong