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Reasoning Questions for IBPS PO Main Exam Set- 17

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Reasoning section in Here we are creating question sample From all topics , which are Important for upcoming IBPS exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in exams !!

1 – 5:
(A) only 1st follows
(B) only 2nd follows
(C) either 1st or 2nd
(D) neither 1st nor 2nd
(E) both 1st and 2nd

  1. Statements: Some roses are lotus. All lotuses are sunflowers. No sunflower is lily.
    I. All lotuses are not lilies
    II. All sunflowers which are rose are necessarily lotus.
    Ans – (A)

  2. Statements: Some bats are balls. All footballs are balls. No hockey is a bat.
    I. Some balls are not hockey.
    II. All footballs being hockeys is a possibility.
    Ans – (E)

  3. Statements: Some palaces are forts. Some forts are red. No red is strong.
    I. Some palaces being strong is a possibility
    II. Some forts may be strong.
    Ans – (E)

  4. Statements: All buildings are houses. No house is an apartment. All apartments are flats.
    I. All apartments being buildings is a possibility.
    II. All buildings being flats is a possibility.
    Ans – (B)

  5. Statements: Some towers are flowers. No flower is tree. Some trees are petals
    I. Some petals are towers
    II. Some trees are not towers.
    Ans – (D)

  6. How many pairs of letters are there in the word CASHPAYMENT, each of which have as many letters between then in the word as they have between then in the English alphabet?
    A) One
    B) Two
    C) Three
    D) More than three
    Ans – B) Two
    Pairs are HN, MP

  7. A man starts from point P and goes 5 km east, then he turns to his left and goes 5 km, next he turns to his right and walks 9 km, next to his left and goes 2 km. now he takes a left turn and finally stops at point Q after moving 13 km. Find the distance between P and Q (in km), and the direction he is now as seen from point P.
    A) 7√2, South-West
    B) 7, North
    C) 5√2 , North-East
    D) 5√2 , North
    Ans – C) 5√2 , North-East

  8. In a certain code, JUPITER is written as – UGUIQWM. How is MERCURY witten in same code
    Ans – D) BTVCSGP

  9. Statement: People see tax as a burden and thus devise ways to underpay or avoid it altogether.
    Courses of Action:
    I. Govt should educate and inform citizens about the ways in which taxes help in development of the nation.
    II. Tax rates should not be increased so that the under-recovery in collection is compensated.
    A) only I
    B) only II
    C) neither I nor II
    D) both I and II
    Ans – A) only I

  10. Statement: The sales of ball point pens manufactured by company A have gone down considerably ever since the same company introduced gel ink pens in the market.
    Courses of Action:
    I. Ball point pens should not be manufactured by company any more.
    II. Company should immediately withdraw all gel ink pens from the market so as to force people to buy ball point pens.
    A) only I
    B) only II
    C) neither I nor II
    D) both I and II
    Ans – C) neither I nor II
    Sales have gone down but not stopped, so ball point pens should be manufactured for sales.