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Reasoning Questions for IBPS PO Main Exam Set- 15

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Reasoning section in Here we are creating question sample From all topics , which are Important for upcoming IBPS exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in exams !!

1 – 5:
(A) only 1st follows
(B) only 2nd follows
(C) either 1st or 2nd
(D) neither 1st nor 2nd
(E) both 1st and 2nd

  1. Statements: No cow is a animal. All bulls are animals. Some bulls are mammals
    I. All cows are mammals is a possibility.
    II. All mammals are cows is a possibility.

  2. Statements: No group is people. All people are animals. All animals are plants. All plants are roots.
    I. At least some groups are animals.
    II. All groups are animals is a possibility.

  3. Statements: Some jobs are vacancies. All jobs are works. No work is a trade. All proffessions are trades.
    I. Some profession are not work.
    II. Some works are jobs.

  4. Statements: All documents are files. Some files are papers. All papers are certificates. No certificate is a manuscript.
    I. Some paper are manuscript is a possibility.
    II. At least some certificates are files.

  5. Statements: Some numbers are digits. All digits are alphabets. No alphabet is a vowel. All consonants are vowels.
    I. Some consonants are not digits
    II. No vowel is a number.

  6. How many pairs of letters are there in the word SIGNORAWARE, each of which have as many letters between then in the word as they have between then in the English alphabet?
    A) One
    B) Two
    C) Three
    D) More than three
    D) More than three 

7 – 8: A is C’s father. B is A’s wife. F is A’s father. B has only one daughter named D. E is sister of A. B’s brother is G whose father is H. I’s grandfather is H.

  1. How is I related to G
    A) son
    B) daughter
    C) son or daughter
    D) cannot be determined
    D) cannot be determined

  2. How is C related to F?
    A) grand son
    B) grand daughter
    C) grand son or grand daughter
    D) cannot be determined
    A) grand son

  3. Which of the following symbols should replace the question mark (?) in order to make the expression ‘P > A’ as well as ‘T < L’ true? P > L ? A ≥ N = T
    A) >
    B) ≥
    C) <
    D) either < or ≤
    A) >

  4. To make expressions ‘B > N’ and ‘D ≤ L’ true in B _ L _ O _ N _ D
    A) =, =, ≥, ≥
    B) >, =, =, ≥
    C) >, ≥, =, >
    D) >, <, =, ≤
    B) >, =, =, ≥