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Reasoning Questions: Statements & Arguments Set 6

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Reasoning Section in Here we are creating question sample in Statements & Arguments which is common for all the IBPS,SBI exam and other competitive exams.

In each question below is given a statement followed by two courses of action numbered 1 & 2. On the basis of information given in the statement to be true, then decide which of the following suggested courses of action logically follow(s) for pursuing. Give your answer as-
1)If only 1 follows
2)If only 2 follows
3)If either 1 or 2 follows
4)If neither 1 nor 2 follows
5)If both 1 & 2 follow

  1. The state government has decided to provide relief by way of food and clothes to all the flood victims in the state.
    I.The government machinery should identify those people who are affected by flood and are to be provided with relief material.
    II.The government machinery should procure enough food and clothes for providing relief to the flood victims.
    Answer – 5)If both 1 & 2 follow
    Explanation :
    Both are right as government should provide relief material and food for the victims

  2. Increasing construction of residential towers in the city is hampering the infrastructure arrangements like water supply, sewage system etc.
    I.Municipal authorities in the city should not permit construction of towers unless adequate provisions for infrastructural facilities are made.
    II.Concerned authorities should take stringent action against those builders who are violating the rules.
    Answer – 5)If both 1 & 2 follow
    Explanation :
    As the Infrastructure facilities are hampered the municipal authority should prohibit the establishment of towers until there are proper provisions are made. Moreover there must be strict actions against those who violates the rules.

  3. Drinking and rave parties have become fashion among the present college youth which diverts them from studies.
    I.The state government should make it a rule to disallow the students from entering Pubs and Bars.
    II.The parents as well as the colleges should impose strict discipline among the college going youth.
    Answer – 2)If only 2 follows
    Explanation :
    Government can’t ban students from going into pubs or bars but parents should be strict with their children and impose discipline

  4. Increasing competition on various fronts is putting children and youth under tremendous pressure leading them to take extremely drastic steps.
    I.Parents and teachers should be advised not to bring pressure on children.
    II.Children and youth along with their parents should be counselled for facing the competition in right spirit.
    Answer – 2)If only 2 follows
    The pressure should be held in a healthy way with right spirit and timely counselling of parents

  5. The management of school ‘X’ has decided to give free breakfast from next academic year to all the students in the primary section through its canteen even though they will not get any government grant.
    I.The canteen facilities and utensils will have to be checked and new purchases to be made to equip it properly.
    II.The school will have to admit many poor students who will seek admission for the next academic year.
    Answer – 1)If only 1 follows
    Explanation :
    Since the school has introduced the scheme without receiving any grant, it needs to pool up the funds and make adequate arrangements to keep the scheme going. Action 2 has no connection with the statement

  6. The Deputy Mayor of city ‘w’ has proposed to install a plant of mineral water and to supply citizens mineral water bottles at Rs.6 per litre as against Rs.10 per litre being sold by local private companies.
    I.The tap water scheme of city w will have to be stopped.
    II.The local private companies of city w will have to close their operation.
    Answer – 4)If neither 1 nor 2 follows
    Explanation :
    Water for general use would still be delivered through taps also W is providing water at cheaper rates so both doesn’t go with the statement.

  7. The chairman of the car company announced in the meeting that all trials of its first product the new car model ‘M’ are over and company plans to launch its car in the market after six months.
    I.The network of dealers is to be finalised and all legal, financial and other matters in this connection will have to be finalised shortly.
    II.The company will have to make plan for product other than car.
    Answer – 1)If only 1 follows
    Explanation :
    Once the trials are over the availability of resources is necessary to make. 2 has no connection with the statement

  8. A heavy unseasonal downpour during the last two days has paralysed the normal life in the state in which five persons were killed but this has provided a huge relief to the problem of acute water crisis in the state.
    I.The state government should immediately remove all the restrictions on use of potable water in all the major cities in the state.
    II.The state government should send relief supplies to all the affected areas in the state.
    Answer – 2)If only 2 follows
    Explanation :
    Unseasonal downpour paralysed the normal life in the state so the Course of action (1) does not address the problem properly and only Course of action (2) is suitable for pursuing.

  9. The police department has come under a cloud with recent revelations that at least two senior police officers are suspected to have been involved in the illegal sale of a large quantity of weapons from the state police armoury.
    I.A thorough investigation should be ordered by the State Government to find out all those who are involved into the illegal sale of arms.
    II.State police armoury should be kept under Central Government control.
    Answer – 1)If only 1 follows
    Explanation :
    Keeping the State police armoury under the supervision of Central Government control is not right action. Whereas an investigation may help to reveal those involved into the illegal acts. Hence, only action I is right.

  10. Some strains of mosquito have become resistant to chloroquine, the widely used medicine for malaria patients.
    I.Researchers should develop a new medicine for patients affected by such mosquitoes.
    II.Selling of chloroquine should be stopped.
    Answer – 1)If only 1 follows
    Explanation :
    Chloroquine can still be used to get rid of the non-resistant varieties, and new medicines developed for the resistant varieties. So only 1 follows

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