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Reasoning Questions: Puzzles Set 75

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online Reasoning Section in Here we are creating question sample in Puzzles set, which is common for all the IBPS,SBI exam and other competitive exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams !!!

I. Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions

Eight people Sneha, Savita, Soniya, Sarangi, Seeta, Sona, Samaira and Sajna went to an ice cream parlor to have ice cream of different flavors, vanilla, pista, strawberry, butterscotch, mint, mango, chocolate and orange. They all like different colours. There are four boys and four girls.

  • Sneha likes red and her brother likes pista ice cream. Sajna likes chocolate ice cream, and his friend like mango.
  • Seeta likes pista ice cream and neither he nor Soniya likes white, yellow, or black. Pink colour is liked by a girl and the boy who liked vanilla doesn’t like green colour. The one who likes blue, eats mint ice cream. Sarangi likes magenta.
  • Samaira doesn’t mango or orange ice cream, but likes Yellow. Savita doesn’t like white. None of the girls like mango ice cream and none of the boys like strawberry.
  • Also, the girl who likes orange ice cream doesn’t like magenta or red. Samaria’s brother Sona doesn’t like Mango ice cream and black colour. Soniya doesn’t like blue, and Sneha doesn’t like Butterscotch.


Sneha (-)RedStrawberry
Savita (-)BlueMint
Soniya (-)PinkOrangee
Sarangi (+)MagentaMango
Seeta (+)GreenPista
Sona, (+)WhiteVanilla
Samaira (-)YellowButterscotch
Sajna (+)BlackChocolate


  1. Who likes Butterscotch ice cream?
    3.One who likes pink
    5.One who likes red
    Answer – 4.Samaira

  2. If red is related to chocolate and Pink related to vanilla, what is mango related to?
    Answer – 3.Green

  3. Who likes the colour green?
    2.One who likes orange ice cream
    3.Sneha’s brother
    5.None of these
    Answer – 3.Sneha’s brother

  4. Pick the odd one.
    Answer -5.Black

  5. If these eight people sit in a line from right to left in the alphabetical order of their names, what will be the position of the person who likes strawberry ice cream ?
    1.First  from the right end
    2.Third from the left end
    3.First from the left end
    4.Cannot be determined
    5.Eight from the left end
    Answer – 2.Third from the left end
    Soniya (-) Sona, (+) Sneha (-) Seeta (+) Savita (-) Sarangi (+) Samaira (-) Sajna (+)

II. Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions

6 people, an engineer, an IAS, IES, IFS, IPS, and IRS officers lives in a building that has 7 floors, numbered 1-7, where 1 is the lower most floor. They like different drinks, Sprite , Coca-Cola, Limca, Pepsi, 7-up and Tropicana.

  • The one who likes Coca-Cola doesn’t live immediate to the one who likes 7 up. Two people live above the IRS officer.
  • The IAS officer doesn’t like Tropicana. The one who likes sprite doesn’t live on the sixth floor. The IAS and IPS officers live on even numbers floors.
  • The IPS officer likes 7 up and lives below the IFS officer. There is one person between the ones who likes Coca-Cola and Limca.
  • The one who likes Tropicana lives on the fourth floor. Two people live between the IPS and IFS officers. The IES officer lives below the IRS officer.


3Engineer / IESLimca
2IPS7 up
1IES / EngineerSprite


  1. Who lives on the fourth floor?
    1.One who likes Sprite
    3.One who likes 7 up
    4.IRS  officer
    5.None of  these
    Answer – 4.IRS  officer

  2. Which floor is vacant?
    5.None of these
    Answer – 4.7

  3. What drink does the Engineer like?
    3.7 up
    4.Cannot be determined
    5.None of the above
    Answer – 4.Cannot be determined

  4. Who lives immediate to the IAS officer?
    1.One who likes sprite
    2.One who likes Pepsi
    3.IRS officer
    4.One who likes Coca-Cola
    5.Cannot be determined
    Answer – 4.One who likes Coca-Cola

  5. What is the drink liked by the IES officer?
    4.7 up
    5.None of the above
    Answer – 5.None of the above