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Reasoning Questions: Classification Set 9

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Reasoning Section in Here we are creating question sample in Classification, which is common for all the  competitive exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams !!!

Questions Penned by Yogit

In each of the following questions, five words are given, out of which four are alike in a certain manner and the fifth one is different.

  1. Choose the odd one
    a) Rectangle
    b) square
    c) rhombus
    d) parallelogram
    e) triangle
    Answer – e) triangle
    Explanation :
    Except triangle all other have four vertices or sides

  2. Choose the odd one
    a) Dolphin
    b) bat
    c) lion
    d) crocodile
    e) zebra
    Answer – d) crocodile
    Explanation :
    Except crocodile all are mammals

  3. Choose the odd one
    a) Marigold
    b) rose
    c) lotus
    d) grapes
    e) sunflower
    Answer – d) grapes
    Explanation :
    Except grapes all are flowers

  4. Choose the odd one
    a) Keyboard
    b) mouse
    c) scanner
    d) printer
    e) joystick
    Answer – d) printer
    Explanation :
    Except printer all are input device

  5. Choose the odd one
    a) WHO
    b) WTO
    c) ILO
    d) UNESCO
    e) UNCTAD
    Answer – d) UNESCO
    Explanation :
    Except UNESCO all have headquarters in Geneva

  6. Choose the odd one
    a) Saraswati saman
    b) vyas saman
    c) Pulitzer
    d) booker prize
    e) moorti Devi award
    Answer – c) Pulitzer
    Explanation :
    Except Pulitzer award, all are given in the field of literature

  7. Choose the odd one
    a) Stanley cup
    b) Wisden trophy
    c) Nehru trophy
    d) Wellington cup
    e) Aga khan cup
    Answer – b) Wisden trophy
    Explanation :
    Except wisden all other trophies are related to Hockey

  8. Choose the odd one
    a) Ahmadabad
    b) Jaipur
    c) Kolkata
    d) Bhopal
    e) Hyderabad
    Answer – a) Ahmadabad
    Explanation :
    Except Ahmadabad all are capital cities

  9. Choose the odd one
    a) Chicken
    b) snake
    c) tortoise
    d) swan
    e) frog
    Answer – a) Chicken
    Explanation :
    Except chicken all can live in water

  10. Choose the odd one
    a) Below
    b) above
    c) under
    d) large
    e) beneath
    Answer – d) large
    Explanation :
    Except large all are showing positions

Note: Dear Readers if you have any doubt in any chapter in Reasoning you can ask here. We will clear your doubts