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Reasoning Questions: Classification Set 10

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Reasoning Section in Here we are creating question sample in Classification, which is common for all the  competitive exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams !!!

Questions Penned by Yogit

In each of the following questions, five words are given, out of which four are alike in a certain manner and the fifth one is different.

  1. Choose the odd one
    a) Violet
    b) indigo
    c) green
    d) yellow
    e) pink
    Answer –e) pink
    Explanation :
    Except pink all other colours are present in rainbow

  2. Choose the odd one
    a) eyes
    b) ears
    c) kidney
    d) liver
    e) lungs
    Answer – d) liver
    Explanation :
    Except liver all the are available in pairs

  3. Choose the odd one
    a) chicken
    b) snake
    c) tortoise
    d) swan
    e) frog
    Answer – a) chicken
    Explanation :
    Except chicken all other can live in water

  4. Choose the odd one
    a) 3375
    b) 1728
    c) 2754
    d) 729
    e) 12167
    Answer – c) 2754
    Explanation :
    Except 2754 all are perfect cubes of 15, 12, 9 and 23 respectively

  5. Choose the odd one
    a) 187
    b) 136
    c) 141
    d) 238
    e) 289
    Answer – c) 141
    Explanation :
    except 141 all are divisible by 17

  6. Choose the odd one
    a) Horse
    b) lion
    c) giraffe
    d) cheetah
    e) Panda
    Answer – a) Horse
    Explanation :
    Except horse all are wild animals

  7. Choose the odd one
    a) Maharashtra
    b) Orissa
    c) Gujrat
    d) Madhya Pradesh
    e) Tamil nadu
    Answer – d) Madhya Pradesh
    Explanation :
    Except Madhya Pradesh all other states have coast line

  8. Choose the odd one
    a) 1728
    b) 64
    c) 1331
    d) 343
    e) 441
    Answer – e) 441
    Explanation :
    Except 441 all are perfect cubes

  9. Choose the odd one
    a) Iron
    b) mercury
    c) Copper
    d) zinc
    e) aluminium
    Answer – b) mercury
    Explanation :
    Among all of the above only mercury is in liquid state at room temperature

  10. Choose the odd one
    a) Babar
    b) Akbar
    c) sher shah
    d) Aurangzeb
    e) Jahangir
    Answer – c) sher shah
    Explanation :
    Except Sher shah all are mughals

Note: Dear Readers if you have any doubt in any chapter in Reasoning you can ask here. We will clear your doubts