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Reasoning Questions asked In SBI PO Main 2016 – 31/07/16

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Reasoning Questions asked In SBI PO Main 2016 – 31/07/16

These were 5 questions, 2 marks each . Follow the rules and answer the questions:
A) if odd number is followed by odd composite number (other then prime) then subtract
B) if odd number is followed by perfect square, add
C) if even number is followed by odd prime number, then divide
D) if odd number is followed by even number, then subtract
E) if even number is followed by another even number, then multiply
19  36  52
18    x   20
If x is the resultant of first row, what is the resultant of second row ?

Solution: Odd no followed by perfect square so 19+36 is 55
Now odd no followed by even no. So 55-52 is 3
So x = 3
Now 2nd row
18  3   20
Even no followed by odd prime so 18/3 is 6
Now even followed by even so 6*20
Answer = 120.

2 questions based on the following information:

There are 5 people M N O P Q. Each has relationship with P. There are sitting in straight line facing north.

  • P is sitting third to right of his daughter.
  • N is the immediate right of Q.M is the immediate neighbour of his brother. Q and M are neither female.Q and N are immediate neighbours.
  • N is wife of P and has no siblings.

Input/output – 5 Questions

Concept was easy to understand. At each step 1 word and 1 number had to be taken at first place. But the numbers were not written as it is . There was +2 and -2 in each steps.

Statement – Assumptions – 5 Questions

Another 5 questions: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below. Following are the conditions for for hiring an employee for an organization.

The Candidate must

i. a person must be graduate .
ii. Post graduate with 60%
iii. Phd in relevant discipline …………



Seven persons namely P,Q,R,S,T,U,V working as a AM( Assistant Manager), MAN(Manager), DGM(Deputy General Manager), GM (General Manager), CGM ( Cheif General Manager), ED( Execuitve Director), CEO( Chief Executive Officer) not in the same order in a organization. And likes different cities namely Mumbai, Jaipur, Ranchi, Chandigarh, Agra, Patna, Bhobal not in same order.
NOTE :: position have been increasing order of their experience. CEO is most experienced person and Assistant manager least experienced.
1) R junior to only two persons. S does not like Ranchi.
2) Person who likes Chandigarh is junior to T but not a least junior.
3) Person who likes Patna is senior to ED.
4) Person who likes Ranchi senior to U but junior to T.
5) T is junior to CGM but senior to V.
6) U junior to V and likes Agra.
7) Q senior to T but not a most senior.
8) CGM does not like Bhobal.
9) V junior to P but not to S.
10) CGM senior to one who likes Jaipur

Thank You Punna Prasanth Kumar for sharing this puzzle

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