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Reasoning Questions: Analogy Set 10

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Reasoning Section in Here we are creating question sample in Analogy set, which is common for all the IBPS,SBI exam and other competitive exams!!!

Questions Penned by Yogit

  1. Botany: Plants :: Cardiology: ?
    a) Lungs ‘
    b) Heart
    c) Liver
    d) kidney
    e) None of these
    Answer – b) Heart
    Explanation :
    Botany is the study of plants while cardiology is the study of heart

  2. Boxing : Ring :: Basketball: ?
    a) Ring
    b) Court
    c) Pool
    d) Course
    e) None of these
    Answer – b) court
    Explanation :
    Boxing is played in ring similarly basketball is played in court

  3. Den: lion :: stable: ?
    a) Cat
    b) Dog
    c) Horse
    d) Cow
    e) None of these
    Answer – c) Horse
    Explanation :
    Lion lives in den similarly Horse lives in Stable

  4. Thermometer: Temperature :: Barometer : ?
    a) strain
    b) stress
    c) pressure
    d) force
    e) None of these
    Answer – c) pressure
    Explanation :
    Thermometer is used to measure to Temperature similarly Barometer is used to measure Pressure

  5. Kitten: Cat :: Cub : ?
    a) Horse
    b) Tiger
    c) Dear
    d) Giraffe
    e) None of these
    Answer – b) Tiger
    Explanation :
    Kitten is the young one of Cat similarly Cub is the younger one of Tiger

  6. Judge: Court :: Doctor: ?
    a) Municipality
    b) Hospital
    c) Tehsil
    d) Factory
    e) None of these
    Answer – b) Hospital
    Explanation :
    Judge sits in court similarly doctor sits in hospital

  7. Carbon dioxide : Extinguish :: Oxygen: ?
    a) Burn
    b) Isolate
    c) Foam
    d) Explode
    e) None of these
    Answer – a) Burn
    Explanation :
    Oxygen supports Burning similarly Carbon dioxide helps in extinguishing

  8. Quartz : Radio :: ? : Cement
    a) Leather
    b) gypsum
    c) Plaster of Paris
    d) Plastic
    e) None of these
    Answer – b) gypsum
    Explanation :
    Quartz is used to make radio similarly Gypsum is used to make Cement

  9. Farming : monsoons :: Market : ?
    a) supply
    b) Rate
    c) Volume
    d) Demand
    e) None of these
    Answer – d) Demand
    Explanation :
    First depends on second

  10. Bird : ? :: Dog : Bark
    a) Neigh
    b) Chirp
    c) Bray
    d) Race
    e) None of these
    Answer – b) Chirp
    Explanation :
    Chirp is the sound produce by Birds

Note: Dear Readers if you have any doubt in any chapter in Reasoning you can ask here. We will clear your doubts