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Reasoning Questions: Analogy Set 9

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Reasoning Section in Here we are creating question sample in Analogy set, which is common for all the IBPS,SBI exam and other competitive exams!!!

Questions Penned by Yogit

  1. Footwear: Leather :: Apparel:  ?
    a) shirt
    b) pant
    c) cloth
    d) jeans
    e) None of these
    Answer – c) cloth
    Explanation :
    Footwear is made up of leather similarly apparel is made up of cloth

  2. Waves :  Air : : Ripples: ?
    a) Sound
    b) water
    c) light
    d) wind
    e) None of these
    Answer – b) water
    Explanation :
    waves travel in air while ripples travels in water

  3. Energy : Joule :: Force: ?
    a) Second
    b) Kilogram
    c) Newton
    d) Pascal
    e) None of these
    Answer – c) Newton
    Explanation :
    Energy is measured in joule similarly force is measured in Newton

  4. Computer: CPU :: Human : ?
    a) Lung
    b) stomach
    c) heart
    d) intestine
    e) None of these
    Answer – c) heart
    Explanation :
    CPU is the heart of computer similarly heart for human

  5. Software: Auto-Cad : : ? : Keyboard
    a) Driver
    b) hardware
    c) graphics
    d) windows
    e) None of these
    Answer – b) hardware
    Explanation :
    Auto-Cad is a software while keyboard is hardware

  6. Sapphire: Blue : : Ruby: ?
    a) black
    b) yellow
    c) red
    d) green
    e) None of these
    Answer – c) red
    Explanation :
    Sapphire is blue in colour while ruby is red in colour

  7. Rat: Plague :: Dogs : ?
    a) Sting
    b) Malaria
    c) Dengue
    d) Rabies
    e) None of these
    Answer – d) Rabies
    Explanation :
    Rats are reason for Plague while Rabies are caused by Dogs

  8. Company: Logo :: Country :?
    a) Anthem
    b) Emblem
    c) flag
    d) President
    e) None of these
    Answer – c) flag
    Explanation :
    As every company has unique logo similarly every country has unique flag

  9. Duck: cricket :: dunk: ?
    a) Volleyball
    b) basketball
    c) snooker
    d) Rugby
    e) None of these
    Answer – b) basketball
    Explanation :
    Dunk is term associated from basketball

  10. Red fort: Delhi : : Salar Jung museum: ?
    a) Bangalore
    b) Hyderabad
    c) Mysore
    d) Chennai
    e) None of these
    Answer – b) Hyderabad
    Explanation :
    Salar-jung museum is in Hyderabad

Note: Dear Readers if you have any doubt in any chapter in Reasoning you can ask here. We will clear your doubts