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Reasoning Questions : Alphabet Coding Set 12

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Reasoning Secetion in Here we are creating question sample in Alphabet Coding and alphabet related problem, which is common for all the competitive exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams !!!

  1. In a certain code MIRACLE is written as MQHYWNU then in that code PERSON is written as.
    a) JUHGKL
    b) JUHFKL
    c) JUHEKL
    d) JUPHEL
    Answer – a) JUHGKL
    sum of corresponding terms is 26. (P+J =26, E+U =26 and so on)

  2. In a certain code STUDENT is written as HGFWVMG then in that code FATHER is written as.
    a) VZGSUI
    b) UZGSVI
    c) UZASJI
    d) UXGSVI.
    Answer – b) UZGSVI
    Solution :
    sum of terms is 27 (S+T = 27, T+G = 27 and so on)

  3. In a certain code JAIPUR is written as APRAPR, then in that code KOLKATA is written as.
    a) OKTKLAA
    b) OPAKLAA
    c) UTOATAA
    Answer – a) OKTKLAA
    Word is written twice and then pick the even position character.
    KOLKATAKOLKATA (pick all even position character)

  4. In a certain code CARTOON is written as OPPUSBD, then in same code TEACHER is written as.
    a) HWUADBB
    b) SFIDBFU
    c) SFIABFU
    d) HWUABEE
    Answer – b) SFIDBFU
    First reverse the word and then add +1

  5. In a certain code NATIONAL is written ALTINAON then in than in the same code how DAUGHTER is written.
    Answer – c) ERUGDAHT
    NATIONAL (NA = 1, TI = 2, ON = 3 and AL = 4) similarly for DAUGHTER (DA = 1, UG =2, HT =3 and ER = 4) and then arrange them in 4213 order.

  6. In a certain code LEAF is written as 12516 then in the same code how ROSE will be written.
    a) 1815195
    b) 1915195
    c) 1716195
    d) 2019195
    Answer – a) 1815195
    Corresponding numbers are written for each character.
    R = 18, O = 15, S= 19, E = 5

  7. In a certain code HOME is written as “12$7” and HORN is written as “12@5”, than how will ROME will be written.
    a) @2$7
    b) 2$@5
    c) 72$1
    d) @1$7
    Answer – a) @2$7
    HOME = 1 2 $ 7 and HORN = 1 2 @ 5 so ROME = @2$7

  8. In a certain code BOMBAY is written as 264217 than in the same code, how JAMMU will be written.
    a) 11223
    b) 11443
    c) 11553
    d) 11234
    Answer – b) 11443
    B = 2, O = 1+5 = 6, M = 1+3 =4, B =2, A= 1, Y = 2+5 =7
    similarly for JAMMU

  9. If ‘red’ is called ‘white’, ‘ white’ is called ‘black’, ‘black’ is called ‘blue’, ‘blue’ is called ‘violet’,’ violet’ is called ‘green’ .what is the colour of sky.
    a) white
    b) violet
    c) black
    d) green
    Answer – b) violet
    sol = blue is called violet

  10. In a certain code POWER is written as ‘Q4X2S’ then in the same code IDIOT is written as.
    a) 4E45T
    b) 3E34U
    c) 2E23T
    d) 3E35U
    Answer – b) 3E34U
    A,E,I,O,U = 1,2,3,4,5 (Vowels)
    in consonants +1

Note : Dear Friends if u know an alternate methods or shortcuts related to any chapter, you can share here.