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Quants Questions : Time and Distance Set 17

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online Quantitative Aptitude Section in Here we are creating question sample in Time and Distance with Explanation, which is common for all the IBPS,SBI,RBI, IPPB, LIC, SSC and other competitive exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams !!!

  1. Two places are A and B are 200 kms from each other. A train leaves from A for B at the same time another train leaves B for A. The two trains meet at the end of 8 hours. If the train travelling from A to B travels 8km/hr faster than the other. Find the speed of the faster train?
    A.15 km/hr
    B.17.5 km/hr
    C.16.5 km/hr
    D18 km/hr
    E.None of these
    Answer – C.16.5 km/hr
    Explanation :
    Speed of trains  = s + 8 and s km/hr.
    At some P distance from A both train will meet. So,
    8 = P/(s +8) ; 8 = (200 – P)/s
    Solve both equation, we get s = 8.5 so faster train speed 16.5 km/hr
    200/8 = 25
    A+B = 25
    A- B = 8      (given )
    A= 16.5 km/hr

  2. A truck driving on a highway passed a man walking at the rate of 15km/hr in the same direction. He could see the truck for 2 minutes and up to 500 meters. Find the speed of the truck?
    E. None of these
    Answer – B.30km/hr
    Explanation :
    x-15=(500/120) *18/5

  3. A train leaves Chennai for Bangalore at 2:15 p.m. and travels at the rate of 50 kmph. Another train leaves Bangalore for Chennai at 1:35 p.m. and travels at the rate of 60 kmph. If the distance between Bangalore and Chennai is 590 km at what distance from Chennai will the two trains meet?
    A.280 km
    B.320 km
    C.250 km
    D.225 km
    E.None of these
    Answer – C.250 km
    Explanation :
    Total Distance = 590 km
    Distance in 40 min = 60*40/60=40km
    Remaining=550 km
    Time = 550/110=5hr
    Reqd Distance = 50*5=250 km

  4. A bus was travelling from Mumbai to Pune was delayed by 16 minutes and made up for the delay on a section of 80 km travelling with a speed 10 km per hour higher than its normal speed. Find the original speed of the bus?
    A.60 km/h
    B.66.66 km/h
    C.50 km/h
    D.40 km/h
    E.None of these 
    Answer – C.50 km/h
    Explanation :
    80/x – 80/(x+10) = 16/60= 4/15
    300/x -300/x+10 =1
    X2 + 10x – 3000 = 0
    X = -60, +50
    So 50km/hr

  5. Two cities A and B are at a distance of 120 km from each other. Two persons P and Q start from First city at a speed of 20km/hr and 10km/hr respectively. P reached the second city B and returns back and meets Q at Y. Find the distance between A and Y.
    A.50 km
    B.66 km
    C.55 km
    D.40 km
    E.None of these
    Answer – D.40 km
    Explanation :
    P = 120/20 = 6hrs
    In 6hrs Q travels 60km
    120-60 = 60km
    60/(20+10) = 2hrs
    Point Y → 60 + 10*2hrs = 80

  6. Vijay takes 4 hr in walking at certain place and return back. While it takes 3 hrs in walking at certain place and riding back. Find the time Vijay will take to ride both sides
    B.2 hr
    C.2.5 hr
    D. 3.5 hr
    E. None of these
    Answer – B.2 hr
    Explanation :
    W + W = 4. W =2
    W+ R = 3. R =1
    So to ride both direction, it will take 1+1 = 2 hrs.

  7. Rakesh travelled 2000 kilometre by air which formed 3/5 of the total journey. He travels 1/4 of the trip by car and the remaining trip by train. Find the distance travelled by train.
    E.None of these
    Answer – C.2500
    Explanation :
    Distance by train=3×10000/3×4=2500
    Another method :
    Total 20

  8. Rahul has to travel from one point to another point in a certain time. Travelling at a speed of 6kmph he reaches 40m late and travelling at a speed of 8kmph he reaches 12 m earlier.What is the distance between this two points ?
    E.None of these
    Answer –
    Explanation :
    t +40/60 = d/6
    t – 12/60 = d/8
    By the solving these two equations we get.
    d = 20.8 km ~ 21 km
    Another method :
    6………………..4.           (40m late)
    8…………………..3.            (12 m ear)
    60 = 52
    1 = 52/60 = 13/15
    So distance = 24 *13/15
    = 8*13/5 = 104/5 = 20.8km

  9. Vivek travelled a distance of 50km in 7hrs. He travelled the distance partly on foot at 5kmph and partly on bicycle at 8kmph. What is the distance that he travelled on foot ?
    E.None of these
    Answer –
    Explanation :
    x/5 + 50-x/8 =7
    8x+250-5x = 7*40
    3x+250 = 280
    3x = 30
    X = 30/3 = 10km

  10. Mani drove at the speed of 45 kmph. From home to a resort. Returning over the same route, he got stuck in traffic and took an hour longer, also he could drive only at the speed of 40 kmph. How many kilometers did he drive each way ?
    E.None of these
    Answer – C.360km
    Explanation :
    x/40 – x/45 = 1
    9x-8x/360 = 1
    x/360 = 1
    x = 360km

  11. Rohit starts cycling along the boundaries of the squares. He starts from a point A and after 90 minutes he reached to point C diagonally opposite to A. If he is travelling with 20km/hr, then find the area of square field.
    E.None of these
    Answer – B.225
    Explanation :
    D = 20*3/2 = 30 km. So side of square is 15km, so area – 225km^2