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Professional Knowledge Questions asked in SBI SO 17/01/2016

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Dear Aspirants,
These are the Professional Knowledge questions which are asked in today’s SBI SO exam.

Morning Shift:
1. Embedded SQL is Hard coded SQL statements in a Programming Language

2. Prototype model is a Systems Development Method (SDM)

3. One question related to Spoofing Attack

4. A form of multiplexing, which allows numerous signals to occupy a single channel to optimize bandwidth – CDMA

5. Two questions from – Oracle 9i & Oracle 10g

6. Which data mining technology is used to predict the future? Predictive

7. Data mining describes ________

8. TCP and UDP mainly used for Routing

9. First Octet range of Class A address is 0 to 127

10. COM stands for Component Object Model

11. Conversion of message into a form,that cannot be easily understood by unauthorized people is called encryption.

12. A group of servers, If one server is failed and its users are switched instantly to the other servers is called Cluster.

13. In OSI model, which layer is responsible for transmitting bits? Layer 1

14. What do data warehouses support? OLAP

15. Which layer of OSI model is responsible for routing? Layer 3

16. One question related to IEEE 802.11b

17. A table has 50 rows and you need only 20 rows then what type of view will be used? Horizontal View
Horizontal view cuts the source tables horizontally to create the view.

18. “Term” used in networks which has header and trailer – Packet

19. One Question related to Asterisk “*” symbol in Sql

20. 3 questions related to Internet terms & browser settings

21. SQL Query – 2 questions

22. Which type of file is a part of oracle database? Control File

23. Which of the following is middle ware technology? CORBA

Evening Shift:

1. Cabling is defined by which layer of the OSI model? Physical layer or Layer 1

2. Which is the simplest Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) model? Waterfall model

3. “Mirroring” in Oracle

4. CIDR stands for Classless Inter Domain Routing

5. Data Warehouse 3 tier architecture : Some statements to find the wrong one

6. – All OSPF Routers used to send Hello packets to all OSPF routers on a network segment.
OSPF – Open Shortest Path First

7. Project planning/review tool:PERT/GANTT

8. Data Mining usage?

9. Which is not a part of web content testing?

10. What is scripting language?

11. Web server testing does not include? (Security, Browser, OS compatibility etc)

12. NOS (networking) related one question: why NOS is used?

13. First phase of Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) : Requirement gathering

14. Two questions from – Oracle 9i

15. SQL QUERY for selecting Columns from Table.

16. In data ware housing what is usually not done.

17. If you are on an Intranet, when you can’t access internet then what will you check? Proxy settings

18. One more question from OSI Model layers.

19. One question related to Spoofing Attack