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Pi Approximation Day 2021 – 22 July 

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The Pi Approximation Day is annually observed across the globe on 22nd July (22/7) to honour the concept of pi, represented using the Greek alphabet – ‘π’, and the approximation of pi values to 3.14 in a mathematically pleasing way.

Why 22nd July?

The 22nd July written in the day/month format (22/7) denotes the fraction 22/7, which is a common approximation of pi which is accurate to 2 decimal places (3.14).

Significance of Pi:

i.Pi is defined as the ratio of the circumference of any circle to the diameter of that circle

ii.The fraction of Pi – 22/7 is also referred to as the Archimedes constant. 

iii.The representation of pi using the Greek symbol –π, was suggested by William Jones in 1706 and popularised by Leonhard Euler in 1737.

Related celebrations:

Pi Day: The Pi day is annually observed across the globe on March 14th which denotes the pi value when written in format(3.14).

  • Exploratorium physicist Larry Shaw organised the first-ever known Pie Day on 14th March 1988 at the San Francisco Exploratorium, United States of America. The day also marks the birth anniversary of Albert Einstein.

Tau Day or Two Pi Day: The Tau day also known as a two pie day is observed on June 28(6/28).