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One in four people will have hearing problems by 2050: WHO’s 1st Report on Hearing

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One in four people will have hearingOn March 2, 2021, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) released its first World Report on Hearing stating that nearly 2.5 billion people worldwide or 1 in 4 people will suffer from hearing problems by 2050. At present one in five people worldwide have hearing problems. If the issue is not properly addressed, there will be a loss of trillion US dollars every year.

  • In order to overcome this scenario, the report proposed measures, which would cost $1.33 per person per year.
  • It should be noted that World hearing day is observed annually on March 3.

What is the key contributor to hearing problems?

It is poor access to treatment as low-income countries have fewer professionals to treat the hearing problems of patients. Notably, 80% of the people with hearing loss live in such countries. Even in richer countries the access to care is often uneven. There is also a lack of accurate information and the stigma surrounding ear disease and hearing loss.

  • Could prevent the causes of many problems such as infections, diseases, birth defects, noise exposure, and lifestyle choices as per the first-ever global report on the hearing.

Key Recommendations provided in Report:

i.Reduction of noise in public spaces

ii.Increasing vaccinations for diseases such as meningitis that can cause hearing loss

iii.Systematic screening to identify the problem

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About World Health Organization (WHO):
Director General– Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (Ethiopia)
Headquarters– Geneva, Switzerland