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Odisha celebrates Raja Parba – Festival of Menstruation and Womanhood

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Raja festival of OdishaRaja Parba of Odisha is a three-day festival during the mid-June (preferably starts from 14th June and ends on 16th June) marking the beginning of monsoon. On this day people celebrate menstruation and womanhood, based on the belief that mother earth menstruates for three days which is considered as a sign of fertility.


The celebration started as a tribal practice and later became a celebration all over Odisha acknowledging that there was no taboo on menstruation of women in the past.

Celebration of Raja Praba:

i.The work Raja means “Menstruation” in odia, the first day of the celebration is called Pahili Raja, followed by Mithuna Sankranti and Bhu Daaha or Basi Raja the 2nd and 3rd day and on the 4th day (Vasumati Snana) the celebration is completed with a ceremonial bath performed by everyone on a grinding stone as a symbol of earth.

ii.During this festival, no activities will be followed like tilling construction and other works which disturbs the earth, also women and girls do not participate in cooking and spend their days on the improvised swings (Ram Doli, Charki Doli, Pata Doli, Dandi Doli) and celebrate.

iii.This festival promotes sustainable development by not hurting the earth for three days and menstrual hygiene for women and girls and supports them to be liberated from the societal taboo (social prohibition).

About Odisha:
Chief Minister– Naveen Patnaik
Governor– Prof. Ganeshi Lal 
Capital– Bhubaneswar