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NRI scientist creates first single-molecule device

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Indian-American Scientist Latha Venkatraman and her team of Columbia Engineering researchers have created single-molecule of electronic device that has potential of real world technological applications for nanoscale devices. Single-molecule diode that performs 50 times better than other designs have been developed by the researchers under the guidance of Latha .

  • In nanoscience studies , creating a device where the active element is only a single molecule has long been a dream.
  • As per Latha Venkatraman, the device developed represents the ultimate in functional miniaturisation for an electronic based device.
  • She added that the field of  molecular electronics has become more critical in solving the miniaturisation problems, with electronic devices becoming smaller these days.
  • A single molecule represents the ultimate limit of miniaturisation.
  • Arieh Aviram and Mark Ratner  suggested the idea of single-molecule diode, who in 1974 proposed that a molecule may act as a rectifier, a one-way electric current conductor.
  • She and her team  are working on undersatanding the physics behind it and are also trying their hands in increasing the rectification ratios using new molecular systems.
  • The report was published on 25th May in the journal ”Nature Nanotechnology”.

Nanosciences and technology

  • It refers to mainpulation of matter on an atomic, molecular and supramolecular scale.
  • Nanaotechnology as defined by size is broad field of science includes organic chemistry, molecular biology,semiconductor physics.
  • Nanaotechnology can create many new materials with applications in medicine,electronics, biomaterials.
  • Types of nano materials are Carbon Nanaotubes, Fullerenes,Dendrimers,Silver nanoparticles etc .
  • Future of nanotechnology would include nanorobotics usuge where the tasks  that humans could never complete would be done by them.

Diode– what is it??

  • Diode is two terminal electronic component with asymmetric conductance.
  • On one side it has zero resistance to current and on other side has very high resistance.
  • Ferdinand Braun in 1874 discovered diode.
  • First semiconductor diodes were made from mineral crystals like galena, chief ore of lead.
  • Presently diodes are made of silicon.
  • Selenium and Germanium are also used sometimes.
  • Various types of diodes are LED,Photo diodes, Zener diodes,Schottky diodes etc