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Nobel Prize winner- John Nash passes away

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On  Saturday, 23rd May 2015, US mathematician and Nobel Prize winner, John Nash at age 84 and his wife Alicia aged  82  passed away in a car accident in New Jersey. John Nash was famous for his work in game theory and in 1994 won the Nobel Prize for Economics. He was the inspiration behind  the Oscar winning film ” A beautiful mind’‘.

  • The accident took place near Monroe Township,when they were travelling in left lane when their taxi went out of control while trying to overtake another car. The taxi crashed into the guard rail and the couple were thrown out and were pronounced dead..
  • The main focus of that 2001 film was his breakthroughs in Maths and his struggles with Schizpphrenia.
  • Famous actor Russel Crowe, who played John Nash in that film tweeted that  he was stunned and his heart goes out for John Nash and his family.
  • Ron Howard, the director of that film also tweeted about his tribute to ”brilliant” John Nash and his ”remarkable” wife.
  • Alicia Nash helped care for her husband and they both later became prominent mental health advocates.
  • The President of Princeton Christopher Eisgruber, said he was stunned and deeply saddened to hear the deaths.
  • President said John Nash’s outstanding achievements inspired generations of mathematicians,economists and scientists who were inspired by his brilliant ground breaking work in game theory.

John Nash

  • John Nash was widely regarded as one of the greatest mathematician of the 20th century.
  • Born on 13th June 1928 in West Virginia ,USA.
  • His works in game theory, differential geometry and partial differential equations are widely known.
  • John Nash’s theories were used in  economics,computing,evolution biology, artificial intelligence etc .
  • Instituitions  MIT,Boston and Princeton University.
  • Alma Mater Princeton University and Carnegie Institute of technology.

Oscar Award winning film ” A Beautiful mind”– some details

  • Its 2001 American biological drama film based on mathematical genius John Nash.
  • Director Ron Howard, hero was Russel Crowe
  • Screenplay is  by Akiva Goldsman.
  • The film won  4 Academy awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress.