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NICL AO Preparation – Reasoning (Day 3)

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Dear Friends,

Try to solve the below problems in Reasoning within 15 minutes. Those who solved, kindly help the others. Share your Knowledge with other People. Discuss Effectively.

Connect yourself efficiently and discuss things only related to Subject. Don’t post any images. Help us to maintain the Quality.


Statement And Assumption

Give Answer as

1 – If only Assumption I is Implicit

2 – If only Assumption II is Implicit

3 – If either Assumption I or Assumption II is Implicit

4 – If neither Assumption I nor Assumption II is Implicit

5 – If both Assumption I and II are Implicit

1. Statement

The Biggest Private Airline decided to increase the number of flights between Delhi and Kolkata to 20 flights everyday.


I. Other Private airlines may also increase the frequency of daily flights between Delhi and Kolkata.

II. There may be adequate passenger load on all the biggest private airline even after increased frequency.

2. Statement

Majority of the employees of the Organization decided to join with their family the overnight picnic funded by the Organization.


I. The management of the Organization may not welcome the employees’ enthusiasm.

II. The Management of the Organization may provide sufficient funds for the picnic.

3. Statement

The highly reputed Management Institute in the city increased the fees by 500% from the next academic year.


I. The institute may still attract good number of students for all its courses.

II. The students may now opt for other institutes in the city which charge less.

4. Statement

Many residents of the locality decided not to attend the cultural function organized by the local club to protest against club’s limited invitations.


I. The local club may cancer the cultural function.

II. The local club may stop all its activities.

5. Statement

Government has announced a relief package for all the drought hit farmers in the country and advised the state governments to put in a mechanism of disbursement.


I. The State Governments may be able to put in place the system of disbursement of Government relief to the affected farmers.

II. Government may be able to identify all the farmers affected by drought in the country.

Read the passage and Answer the Following Questions

A total of six persons – G, H, I, J, K, L – Enter an elevator on the ground floor, with floors numbered 1 to 6. The elevator passengers select their floors and the elevator begins rising. Whenever the elevator stops, someone gets off. Nobody else gets on the elevator any time. Everyone will exit the elevator on one of the six numbered floors, but no more than two will get off on any one floor.


  • G gets out before J
  • If H leaves the elevator on Floor 3, then G will also get out on Floor 3
  • I gets out out the Elevator either on Floor 1 or 6
  • J and K will not get out on the same floor.


6. If all six persons get out on separate floors, then which of the following could be the order in which they leave the elevator, from First to Last?

a) G J H K L I    b) J H G L K I   c) H G J K I L   d) G L K H J I

7. If G gets out on Elevator level 4, which of the following is a complete list of people who could get out on Level 3?

a) J and L   b) K and L   c) H and L   d) H and K

8. If G and I leave the elevator together, which of the following stmt must be true?

a) K and L get out together

b) D gets alone

c) H gets out on Floor 4

d) G gets out on Floor 1

9. If nobody gets out of the elevator on either level 1 or level 2, which of the following could be true?

a) G and I get out on level 4

b) H and J get out on Level 3

c) G and J get out on level 6

d) K gets out alone on level 5

10. If H and I both get out of the elevator alone, which of the following must be true?

a) I gets out on level 6

b) J and K gets out on level 3

c) H does not get out on level 3

d) G gets out first

Read the passage and answer the following Questions

Each of the Six friends A, B, C, D, E and F scored different marks in an Examination. C scored more than only A and E. D scored less than only B. E did not score the least. The one who scored the third highest marks scored 81 marks. E scored 62 marks.

11. Which of the following could be C’s score?

a) 70    b) 94    c) 86    d) 61

12. Which is true wrt the above information?

a) D’s score was definitely less than 60

b) F scored the maximum marks

c) Only two people scored more than C

d) None is true

13. The person who scored the maximum, scored 13 marks more than F’s marks. Which of the following could be D’s score?

a) 94    b) 60    c) 89    d) 78

14. Pointing to Radhika in the photograph, Ramesh said, “She is the daughter of my Grandfather’s only son”. How is Radhika related to Ramesh?

a) Sister    b) Mother   c) Sister-in-law   d) Aunty

15. D is the brother of K, M is the sister of K, R is the father of D and S is the Mother of M. How is K related to R?

a) Son   b) Daughter   c) Son or Daughter    d) Data Inadequate


Explanation for Statement and Assumptions

  1. Both Assumptions are Implicit. First Assumption is obviously Implicit. Second one is also. The biggest Airline is increasing the number to 20. So that means there is more people travelling between these two areas everyday.
  2. Only Assumption II is Implicit. Organizations usually provide enough funds for picnics or other outings.
  3. Only Assumption II is Implicit. Coz, the fee increase is not 5%. It is 500%. A person can join only if his father is among the richest person in India.
  4. Both Assumptions are not Implicit. Anyway People from other locality will come for the Function.
  5. Assumption I alone is Implicit. Coz II Assumption says ALL the FARMERS.

Tip : Whenever the Assumption has ALL – Be careful. Most of the time those Assumptions won’t be Implicit.

The More You Discuss, the more easy it is.

1 – 5

6 – D11 – A

2 – 2

7 – B

12 – D

3 – 2

8 – D

13 – C

4 – 4

9 – D

14 – A

5 – 1

10 – C15 – C