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NICL AO Preparation – Quantitative Aptitude (Day 6)

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NICL AO Preparation

Dear Friends,

Try to solve the below questions from Quantitative Aptitude in 15 minutes. Use the discussion section effectively and also help others.

Request : Don’t post any irrelevant comments.



A Green coloured basket contains 3 Blue Pens; 2 Green Pens; 5 Red Pens.

1. If three pens are picked at random, what is the probability that atleast one is red?

a) 1/2   b) 7/12   c) 11/12   d) 1/5   e) NOTA

2. If four pens are picked at random, what is the probability that two are green and two are blue?

a) 1/18   b) 1/70   c) 3/5   d) 1/2   e) NOTA

3. Three Bananas and Three Oranges are kept in a bag. If two fruits are chosen at random, find thr probability that one is a Banana and other is Orange.

a) 2/3    b) 3/5    c) 1/3    d) 1/5    e) NOTA

4. The probability of Person A will be alive for 10 more years is 1/4 and the probability that his close friend B will alive for 10 more years is 1/3. The probability of none of them will be alive for 10 more years is

a) 5/12    b) 1/2    c) 7/12   d) 11/12    e) NOTA

5. Radhika and Sindhuja appear in an interview for two vacancies. The probabilities of their selection is 1/4 and 1/6 respectively. The probability of none of them get selected is

a) 5/8    b) 5/12    c) 1/12    d) 1/24    e) NOTA

6. In how many ways 12 red coloured pencils can be divided between 2 young girls, one receiving 5 and other 7 balls?

a) 1784    b) 1584    c) 1854    d) 1560    e) NOTA

7. Find the number of combinations can be formed with 5 Apples, 4 Pineapples and 3 Kiwis, when one fruit of each kind is taken.

a) 60    b) 120   c) 110   d) 75   e) NOTA

8. A ship running upstream covers 10 km in half an hour. While returning downstream it covers the same in 25 min. What is the speed of river current?

a) 2.5    b) 2   c) 3    d) 4   e) 5

9. A woman named Sonia can row at 10 km/h in still water. If she takes total 5 h to go to place 24 km away and return, then the speed of the water current in Km/h is

a) 2    b) 3    c) 4    d) 5   e) 6

10. Rajeev Gandhi can row 24 km/h in still water. It takes him twice as long to row up as to row down the river. Find the rate of stream?

a) 6 km/h   b) 8 km/h   c) 10 km/h   d) 12 km/h   e) NOTA

11. Trains A and B are of same length and it takes 6s and 9s to cross a pole respectively. If both trains are running in same direction, then how long will the trains take to cross each other?

a) 30 s   b) 36 s    c) 40 s    d) 42 s    e) None of these

12. Rahul drove to office at a speed of 45 km/hr. While returning in the same route, he got stuck in traffic and took an hour longer. Also he could drive only at 40km/hr speed. How many KMs did he drive each way?

a) 300   b) 360   c) 380   d) 420   e) 460

13. A bike reached Madurai from Trichy in 35 minutes with an average speed of 69 km/hr. If the average speed is increased by 36 km/hr, how long it will take to cover the same distance?

a) 23 min    b) 25 min   c) 28 min   d) 32 min   e) NOTA

Those who need any explanation for any of the above problems, just make sure that you ve explained at least one in the comment section. Kindly Share your Knowledge. It will benefit more people. 


1 – C6 – B11 – B
2 – B7 – A12 – B
3 – B8 – B13 – A
4 – B9 – A
5 – A10 – B