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NICL AO Exam Questions 4 April 2015 Morning Shift

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Dear Aspirants,

We have retrieved some Questions from Aspirants. If you follow AffairsCloud regularly, we are very sure that you can be able to answer more than 30 Questions easily. We ve covered all these questions in our Quiz section except some Insurance related Questions. We hope you guys did your exam well. Let’s be positive and hope for the best. May God be with us Always.

–> NICL AO Exam Questions 4 April 2015 Evening Shift
–> NICL AO Exam Questions 

NICL AO (April 4 Morning Batch)

1. Which bank has opened its independent subsidiary general insurance company? – Kotak Mahindra Bank
2.  Next SAARC summit will be held in which country? – Pakistan
3. ‘Star Union Da Ichi’ is a joint venture between ‘Star daIchi’ and which Indian PSU banks? – Bank of India & Union Bank of India
4. Bhagyashree Scheme has been launched in which state? – Maharashtra
5.  Angara A5 rocket has been launched by which country? – Russia
6. What is the term used for the person who takes risk in a venture over premium
7. The ‘Digital Gender Atlas’ has been made by the Union ministry of HRD with collaboration of which United Nations Organisation? – UNICEF
8. According to corporate ministry data, which Indian company has put up the largest revenue? – Reliance industries Limited
9.  Which among the following is the biggest producer of turmeric – Malaysia, Srilanka, Pakistan, India? –India
10. Salim Ali bird sanctuary is situated in which state? – Chorao, Goa
11.  What is the Period upto which no one can challenge an insurance policy called? – Lock in Period
12.  Who was the runner up in Dubai Open 2015? – Novak Djokovic
13.  What was Sushma Swaraj’s Constituency in Lok Sabha Election 2014? – Vidisha
14.  First kisan call centre was introduced in which state of north east region?Agartala, Tripura
15.  Who has received Sarswati samman 2015? – Veerappa Moily
16.  What name the spacecraft which orbited Ceres recently? – NASA’s DAWN
17.  Insurance Awareness Day is celebrated on which date? – 19th April
18.  UNEP Head Quarters is located where? – New York
19.  What is the FDI allowed in Insurance recently? – 49%
20.  Navy Day is celebrated on ? – December 4
21.  Which among the given is a fully owned government life insurance company? – LIC
22.  Two or more insurance together are known as ? – CoInsurance
23.  The second Thursday of March is celebrated as? – World kidney Day
24.  What percent of Indians have health insurance cover? – 17%
25.  Atal Pension Yojana will be launched on which date? – 1 June, 2015
26.  In which country is the Nimrud city situated? – Iraq
27.  India’s population with respect to the world is how much? – 17.5%
28.  Sportsperson, Ankita Raina is associated with which sport? – Tennis
29.  In the ICC World Cup, who scored back to back 4 centuries ? – Kumar Sangakkara, Sri lanka
31.  What is the capital of Germany? – Berlin
32.  Who regulates the price of medicine in India? National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority
33.  Recently, Patrick Pichette, resigned as CFO of which International company? – Google Inc.
34.  The much in news, Rotavirus causes which of the following? – Severe Diarrhea
35.  Who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine 2014? – John O’Keefe, MayBritt
36.  What is the currency of Spain? – Euro
37.  Solar Impulse 2 started its journey from which place? – Abu Dhabi
38.  What is the new name of IRDA now? – IRDA of India (IRDAI)