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NICL AO Exam Question Paper 22 Dec 2013

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General Awareness – 95% from GK. Few of them are

  • World Trade Organizations are established in ?
  • Gold mine India in which place?
  • Govt of India decided to declare ____ river as National River.
  • In First five year which govt body established?
  • Coconut Triangle in which country?
  • Asian Development Bank headquarter?

in objective type each having 25 questions.
In subjective type, there are 3 questions –
Comprehension (an easy one passage relating need of world government),
Essay on-Women’s SAFETY-A BIG ISSUE (only one topic is given,there is no other options),Precisewriting (a passage on ability and achievement of modern scientist as compared to pre independence era scientist)

Only 2-3 ques on current affairs rest are from general knowledge.

  • coconut triangle is situated where?
  • president of Ghana?
  • gold mines location?
  • 1st douronto train run between?
  • 1st computer established where?
  • English is made compulsory in our education system by whom?
  • largest river in peninsular region?
  • NDC is established on?
  • illumination of light at south pole?
  • book written by kamala das?
  • a book on sachin Named******(exactly D’nt remember) written bye?
  • location of a national park?(option are bihar,rajasthan,gujarat,assam)
  • why all the food-cans are made up of tin rather than zinc?
  • an animal which has no blood still respire?
  • food poisoning is caused by which bacteria?
  • highest growing micro organism(bacteria,protozoa,algae,insects)
  • souring of milk is due to ?
  • Human body normal temperature
  • animal with constant body temperature is called
  • krishna river dispute is between which states
  • Nagarjuna sagar dam is on which river
  • Dengue is caused by which virus

Numerical Sections :

  • sum on pipes and cistern
  • taxi driver charges with a fixed rate along with charge fixed for each kilometer. a person travels
    13 km and pays 96 Rs. Another person travels 18 km and pays 131 Rs. how much does a person
    has to pay if he travels for 25 Km?
  • how many persons were if there are 66 handshakes in the party?
  • some questions on permutation and combination, percentages,profit&loss

Section-4 (QA & computer)

  • only one ques on computer-first microchip is developed by?
  • one from probability-a class of 30 students have 5 rows of seats each having capacity for 8 student.What is the probability that the 6th seat in the last row remain vacant if the students seated randomly?
  • The mean temperature from mon to wed is 37celcius.if the temp. on thus is 4/5 of mon,then the temp. of thus is?
  • time and distance-2ques
  • profit & discount-2 Ques
  • geometry-on the properties of common tangents
  • highest no. formed by digits0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 which is divisible by 4?
  • LCM of three no.
  • algebraic simplification
  • M and n are in proportion.If m is 5 then n=4,What is the value of m when n is 24
  • a no. when divisible by 3,4,6 leaves a remainder 3 in each case and is exactly divisible by 9?

Reasoning :

  • 2 questions of : missing numbers in box
  • odd man out
  • non verbal reasoning questions
  • how many triangles are there in the figure

Source File –

General Awareness Questions

  • Where is the Headquarter of Asian Development Bank (ADB)? Philippines
  • In which year World Trade Organization (WTO) was established? 1995
  • Which Government Body announce Five Year Plan? Planning Commission
  • In which country Coconut Triangle is present? Sri Lanka
  • Which river in India has been declared as National River by Govt. of India? The Ganga
  • Who is the President of Ghana? John Dramani Mahama
  • Where was first computer system invented?
  • What is the Reason of souring of milk?
  • When was NDC established? 6th August 1952
  • Which book has been written by Kamala Das?
  • First Duronto Train run in-Between which two places?
  • Where does Gold mines situated in India?
  • Which of the following is the highest growing micro organism?
  • On which river Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is located? Krishna River
  • What is the Normal temperature of human body? 37 degree Celsius
  • Animal with constant body temperature is known as?
  • Distance of stars is measured in which units?
  • The disease Dengue is caused by? Anopheles Mosquito
  • On which river Bhakra Dam is situated? Sutlej River
  • Who has made English Language compulsory in our education system by whom?
  • Largest river in peninsular region?
  • Why all the food-cans are made up of tin rather than zinc?
  • Food poisoning is caused by which bacteria?
  • Senthels defeated which Britain officer in 1855?
  • Who spread Kala ajar?


22nd december evening shift questions:

  • paper currency was started in india in which year?
  • duration of vande mataram song? 52 seconds
  • largest gold producing country – brazil,china, US
  • largest island – sri lanka, java, greenland, sumitra.
  • largest paper producing state in india – bihar, orissa, west bengal.
  • vande mataram song sung in calcutta congress session during?
  • count of red blood cells?
  • what was not done by lord bentick? – construction of railway lines, abolition of sati, english education in india.
  • question on river beas?
  • FERA now known as? FEMA

finance questions:

  • error disclosed by trial balance – error of omission,commission, principle, posting of entry from journal to ledger.
  • what is pricing? –
  • calculate opening stock given purchases, sales, closing stock. gross profit.
  • gross profit ratio calculated on – total sales, net credit sales, cash sales…
  • RBI money control methods – monetary and fiscal.
  • what is net interest income? difference between interest income and expense.
  • what is balance of prepaid insurance – debit balance or credit balance?
  • what is product costing method? specific identification method, perpetual inventory system, periodic inventory, weighted average?
  • what system of inventory used during fire insurance for claim reimbursement?

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