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NICL AO Exam Question Paper 15 Dec 2013

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General Awareness Questions

  • Byte is the unit of: Memory
  • India 2020 is written by? APJ Abdul Kalam
  • Who is the chairman of Lalit kala Akademi? Kalyan Kumar Chakravarty
  • Who invented jet engine: Hans von Ohain and Sir Frank Whittle
  • Which animal in Logo of WWF? Giant Panda
  • Neapolitan of India: Samudragupta
  • When CD Rom is invented? James Russell invented the compact disc in 1965.
  • In whose periodic, painting is on the height: Jahangir
  • Led pencil is having component of: graphite
  • Varaha Mihira wrote a book “Brihat Samhita”, it is related with? Astronomy
  • I.C is used in which generation of computer: 4th Generation
  • Despotism is possible where:Single party ruled states
  • In which legislative assembly in February, 30 women’s take oath first time?
  • Doctrine of lapse is related to ……Dalhousie
  • Govt. Of world banned DDT, why?
  • Which is primary component of natural gas? Methane
  • In union budget 2013-14, duty on cigarette increase? 18%
  • In which month, 80% of sugarcane is growing?
  • Which Sikh guru called saccha padshah? Guru Hargobind
  • According to a recent search , which is 3rd largest market for TWITTER? Indonesia
  • Which component of carbon having 3 dimensional structures?
  • Diu is an island of- daman
  • Kasab to be hanged operation name- Operation X
  • Loksabha speaker gives his/her resignation to – Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha
  • Velikonda hills – Andhra Pradesh
  • Raúl Castro – Cuba president
  • HR Award 2012-

Computer Question

  • ascii full form
  • smallest information in a computer – bit
  • types of computer : super comp n ordinary comp, anolog n digital comp…
  • AI belongs to or introduced in which generation? 2, 3, 4, 5th
  • HYPERTEXT was defined by whom?

Questions in Maths,English and Reasoning

  • if n is divisible by 4, remainder is 3. if 2n is divided, remainder is?
  • A completes the work is some days, b in some days and with help of c work completes in some days. in how many days c completes the work alone?
  • a train with length 100m coveres the distance in 10 min and other train in opposite direction with same length in 8 mins. what is the speed of second train?
  • HCF of three numbers is 12 and they in ratio of 1:2:3. what are the numbers?
  • opposite of prefunctionary
  • opposite of industrious
  • pointing to a lady, person said : her brother’s son is the brother of my wife. how is the lady associated to the person?
  • his parents were……when despite losing 3 games, he ……to win the game by a score of 6-4.
  • godown:goods as ……
  • one who eats flesh is called as
  • find odd man out – AFF, IFF,etc…
  • as i reached the station, the train had left and i ……to leave by the next one.
  • during inflation ,the banks products increase, decrease etc…
  • question on profit sharing. a active partner and b sleeping partner. 10% of profit to A for managing and rest as per sharing of capital. capital contribution 12000:20000.
  • if goods are purchased on credit, it would lead to ? increase in goods and increase in capital.

Questions in Finance:

  • if we divide market price by earnings which ratio will we get?
  • accounting standard 2 is related to?