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NICL Administrative Officer Exam Study Plan

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Dear Aspirants,

It’s time to get ready for NICL Administrative Officer Exam. From tomorrow (March 21) on wards, AffairsCloud will be posting Questions related to Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and also English. Kindly make use of it. Also inform your friends to practice it. For General Awareness, practice our Daily Current Affairs Quiz and also the monthly Mock Tests. There will be one FREE Mock Test for NICL AO in the next ten days. Exact date will be announced soon.


  • 10:00 am (Aptitude Questions will be posted) 
  • 02:00 pm (Reasoning Questions will be posted)
  • 08:00 pm (English Questions will be posted)
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NICL Exam Pattern
Objective Part (160 marks – 120 minutes)
  • Quantitative Aptitude – 40 Questions
  • Reasoning – 40 Questions
  • English – 40 Questions
  • General Awareness – 40 Questions
Descriptive Part (40 marks – 45 minutes)
  • Essay
  • Precis Writing
  • Comprehension 

Quantitative Aptitude 

For most people, the toughest part is Quantitative Aptitude. In this part, rather than focusing on all topics, you can study just 5 topics and you can easily score 20 marks. They are Simplification, Data Interpretation (DI), Number Series, Quadratic Equations, and Probability. 

In DI alone, we can expect 3 sets of Questions. (3 X 5 = 15 Questions). In each set, 3 out of 5 will be very easy. Find that 3 and solve that alone. Don’t waste your time in solving the tough questions in DI. It ll eat your time like anything. So be careful in that.


The easy scoring topics in Reasoning are Syllogism, Blood Relations, Inequality. In Seating Arrangement, we can expect two sets and in that one will be very easy and one will be bit tricky. So attempt it only if you are confident.

General Awareness

This part is the Easy Scoring Part. Practice our Current Affairs Quiz regularly. Study the available General Awareness Materials in the Site. That is more than enough to answer 35+ Questions.


  • Sentence Re-arrangement
  • Spot the Error
  • Comprehension
  • Synonyms-Antonyms
  • Cloze Test
  • Phrase Substitution
  • Choosing Appropriate Filler

In this part, you cant be master it in 2 or 3 weeks. You need more patience and dedication to be strong in English. My simple suggestion is READ A LOT. Try to learn NEW WORDS every day.

Time Management of this 4 Sections

The main thing behind the success of any exam is Time Management and also the Accuracy.

You have 120 minutes in your hand and there are 4 sections to cover. Don’t aim to answer all the 160 Questions. Your chance of clearing the exam is high, if you answered just 120 questions correctly.

Divide your time perfectly. Usually most people follows the below strategy.

  • Reasoning – 40 Minutes
  • Quantitative Aptitude – 40 Minutes
  • English and General Awareness – 40 Minutes

Find out in which section you are Strong and in which section you are weak.

In Strong Sections – Try to answer more than 30 Questions.

In Weak Sections – Try to answer 15 to 20 Questions correctly.

Descriptive Part


Essay Writing is the most challenging part in the the Descriptive Area. Here you have to choose one out of three. Always choose the one in which you are very comfortable. Before writing, just think for two minutes and decide what are the things you are going to write.

Important Point in Essay Writing – PROPER FLOW. Always start with a short introduction, brief summary and finish it with a simple conclusion. You can also give suggestions in the essays related to social problems. Don’t blame the Government much in your essay  and try to avoid Negative Sentences as much as possible.

Precis Writing

In this part, you will be given a Paragraph and you should write a Precis, which is simply a summary of the given Paragraph. Before start writing, read the Paragraph twice or thrice and thoroughly understand about what it deals with. Then make a title. Then start writing. Make sure that you cover all the information and it is totally error free.


In this part, you will be given a Paragraph followed by 5 Questions. You have to type the answers. Make sure that you don’t miss any points. Compared to other two parts, this part is the easy one. You can save time in this section.

As this part is online, people who are more comfortable with key board have a slight advantage over others. So kindly practice more typing and this will definitely save time.

Suggestions are always welcomed. Please give your comments and suggestion in the COMMENT Box.