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New Zealand’s dazzling NZD $5 bill named best Banknote of the year

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Mountaineer and Explorer Sir Edmund Hillary is featured on face of the $5 bill currency note which is best Bank Note of the yearNew Zealand’s dazzling NZD $5 bill named best Banknote of the year

Designed by: Canada Banknote Company

About Edmund Hillary:

  • Born in 1919, New Zealand
  • He was a mountaineer, explorer and philanthropist
  • Hillary and Tenzing Norgay (Nepal) became the first climbers to scale the altitude of Mount Everest in 1953
  • One of the 100 most influential people released by TIME

About New Zealand:

  • Location: Island nation in the southwestern Pacific Ocean
  • Capital city: Wellington
  • Prime Minister:John Key
  • Currency: New Zealand dollar ($)

Canadian Bank note Vice President of Marketing, Michael Delich expressed that the design was made on collaboration with the Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Features of Banknote:

  1. Made up of polymer similar to Canada’s Currency
  2. Vibrant depiction of folklore, Flora and fauna
  3. Orange and Brown colours are used to make
  4. Security features: Stunning Polymer window with a holographic penguin and adjacent to red and yellow Maori Kaoko- Patterned Tukutuku Panel

Canadian Bank Note:

  • Founded in 1961
  • Goal: Promote, Stimulate and advance the study & knowledge of worldwide banknotes and paper currencies

Other Finalists:

  1. Sweden’s 20 Kronor Note
  2. Russia’s 100 Ruble Note
  3. Kazakhstan’s 20,000 Tenge Note
  4. Scotland’s 5 Pound
  5. Guinea’s 20,000 Francs
  6. Israel’s 200 New Shekel
  7. China’s 100 Yuan
  8. Syria’s 10,000 Pounds