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New non-permanent members to the Security Council of United Nations

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Angola, Malaysia, New Zealand, Venezuela and Spain were elected as the new non-permanent members of the Security Council by the UN General Assembly. The term of their membership will be two years.

The retiring members are Argentina, Australia, Luxembourg, South Korea, and Rwanda.

Five non-permanent members are elected every year to join the five permanent and veto-wielding members (also known as P5 countries) – Britain, China, France, Russia and the US.  The five other non-permanent members, Chad, Chile, Jordan, Lithuania and Nigeria are halfway into their terms. The UN Security Council has five permanent and ten non-permanent members which change after every two years. Every year, voting takes place in the General Assembly to replace five of these ten non-permanent members.

The United Nations has 193 member states and a two-thirds majority of 129 votes is needed to win a non-permanent seat in the council.

India had last held a seat as the non-permanent member in 2011-2012.