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Mayflower 400, World’s First AI Ship to Navigate across The Atlantic

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World’s First Unmanned Vessel To Navigate Across AtlanticWorld’s First Artificial Intelligence(AI) Ship named “Mayflower 400” is set to Navigate Across Atlantic Ocean.It is an Unmanned Vessel & was built by the marine research organization ProMare in collaboration with IBM.

It will begin its transatlantic voyage on May 15, 2021, to track aquatic mammals, analyze plastic in the water, and study marine pollution.

Key highlights

i.Mayflower 400 is a completely autonomous ship. It is a 15-m-long trimaran that weighs 9 tons.It is powered by Artificial Intelligence and the Sun’s energy via solar panels.

ii.ProMare invested $1 million along with global contributions in the form of technology from India, the United States, and Switzerland to build the ship.

iii.The ship, equipped with a smart captain, six high-tech cameras and radars, has been trained with audio data to avoid collisions, correct its course, detect marine animals, and gather information of the population of the aquatic animals.

iv.The ship can also listen to whales with a self-activating hydrophone.

v.Currently, the ship is trained to handle 50 meters high waves.

vi.Mayflower 400 autonomous ship provides an edge to the scientists in exploring the rough seas as the ship will be unmanned.

About International Business Machines(IBM):

International Business Machines(IBM) Corporation is an American multinational technology and consulting company.
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer(CEO):Arvind Krishna