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Luke Coutinho’s new book “The Dry Fasting Miracle: From Deprive to Thrive” on benefits of ‘dry fasting diet’

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A new book The Dry Fasting Miracle From Deprive to Thrive (1)The Dry Fasting Miracle: From Deprive to Thrive, a book on the benefits of dry fasting diet by the famous personal lifestyle coach and author, Luke Coutinho and co-authored by a member of UAE’s Ajman royal Family, Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Ali Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, published under the Ebury Press a division of Penguin Random House and the ebook version is available on Kindle.

History of Dry Fasting:

In olden days because of its health benefits irrespective of their religion people practised dry fasting by having dinner before the sunset and the next meal after the sun rise since there won’t be sufficient light after the sunset or before the sunrise.

About the book:

i.The book speaks on the benefits of the dry fasting diet – the superior form of fasting and cleansing, which is restraining the intake of food and water for twelve or more hours and its role in achieving good health.

ii.The book helps in balancing the eliminating phase and the building phase and supports weight loss, and prevents various diseases.

iii.The facts and the diet in the revised and undated book are backed by research and evidence.

iv.The hard copy of the book is set to be put out for the public on June 15.

About Authors:

Luke Coutinho:

  • He studied Nutrition and fitness at Gold Coast Training Academy, Australia and did certified courses on nutrition, exercise physiology and anatomy of the human body.
  • He was an affiliate member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.
  • ELLE Beauty awards felicitated him as the ‘Best in the Industry – Nutritionist by Vogue in 2018’, ‘Best Health Expert of the year 2018’.
  • He also won the ‘Middle East Healthcare Leadership Award – Best Holistic Wellness in Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine in 2017.’.
  • In 2018, he has been awarded at The GQ India’s 50 Most Influential Young Indians.

Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Ali Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi:

  • He is popularly known as the “Green Sheikh”
  • He is a global leader, environmentalist and social worker.
  • He was the social campaigner in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries(GCC) and the Arab countries.
  • He is the CEO of Al Ihsan Charity Association, HH Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Nuaimi.

About Penguin Random House India:
CEO- Gaurav Shrinagesh
Established- 1985
Headquarters- Gurgaon, Haryana