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Kochi Startup Devaditek Innovations develops decontamination device ‘Lumos’ to check COVID-19 spread

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Maker Village Start-up ties up with UN for decontamination deviceOn May 29, 2020, In order to prevent infectious coronavirus (COVID-19) breakout within a healthcare facility, Devaditek Innovations Private Limited, a start-up company focusing on technology transfer in the areas of medical devices, based in Maker village Kochi (Kerala), has developed a multi-purpose decontamination device called ‘Lumos’ that can sanitize items ranging from N95 masks to vegetables by using UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) technology.

Note:The device was developed by Devaditek Innovations Private Limited in collaboration with the Collegiate Congress under the United Nations Master Plan initiative.

Key Points:

i.The first lot of the device, which was developed with the help of Collegiate Congress(the largest student advocacy organization) under the United Nation’s Master Plan initiative, will be sent to 5 nations namely, Mali, Ecuador, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Haiti where the virus affected at the largest level.

ii.About Lumos:

  • Unlike other certified UVC (Ultraviolet -C) medical-grade disinfection system that kill an array of pathogens including SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, germs causing different types of influenza and MS2 bacteriophage, the device is devised specifically to address the coronavirus.
  • It has been designed with high-power lamps, coupled with low power consumption , ozone functionality & zero consumables to deliver 100 % disinfection rate in a short period of time. Its application is not limited to clinical environments, It can be suitable even for offices and homes.
  • Note :The disinfection cycle doesn’t need pre- or post-processing. It’s Short and thorough and benign to electronics and that gives Lumos an edge over existing sanitization protocols.

About Maker Village:
Location– Kochi, Kerala
CEO– Prasad Balakrishnan Nair.

About Devaditek Innovations Private Limited:
Director– Sumith C Mohan