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JNCASR Researchers Invent Economical, Energy-Efficient Wafer-Scale Photo detector for security 

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On 8th May 2020, Researchers of Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR) under the Department of Science and Technology,for security applications, invented an economical and energy efficient wafer-scale photo detector to detect weak scattered light and indicate unwanted activity.JNCASR scientists fabricate energy-efficient photodetectorKey Points:

i.The Photo detectors are the core of optoelectronic circuits that can detect light and employ many applications like controlling automatic lighting in supermarkets, detecting radiation from outer galaxies and security related applications.

ii.The cost of material and intricate fabrication process involved in high performance detectors making it unaffordable in daily application.

iii.The inventions by JNCASR scientists are published in the Applied Electronic Materials of the American Chemical Society and provide a cost effective solution based fabrication method for performance photo detectors.

iv.The Photo detector has fabricated gold(Au) – Silicon(n-Si) which has high sensitivity towards light demonstrating the photo detection action.

v.The gold-silicon interface was brought by electroplating of metals(galvanic deposition).

vi.The detector has a response of 40 micro seconds and is able to detect low intensity light. The device covers a broad spectral Ultraviolet(UV) to Infrared which is uniform throughout the area with less than 5% variation in response.

vii.The detector is self powered which doesn’t require external power supply with a protective coating and environmental stability of the device under harsh conditions.

viii.The photo detector’s utility was demonstrated by the scientists using a prototype imaging system, lux and power meter and tools for security application.

Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR) is a multidisciplinary research institute
President– G U Kulkarni
Dean Research & Development– Chandra bhas Narayana
Location– Jakkur, Karnataka