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Italy develops ‘iFeel-You’ bracelet for social distancing

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iFeel-You bracelet for social distancingThe Genoa-based Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) has developed “i-Feel you”, an intelligent bracelet which will help users respect social distancing rules. The technology was launched at a video conference which involved the participation of Liguria governor Giovanni Toti and IIT President Giorgia Metta.

Key Points:

i.The bracelet has been developed as the measures for safeguarding people against the Coronavirus pandemic.

ii.About i-Feel you: The bracelet can measure social distance in a much more precise manner than a mobile application (app) and it does not track geolocation hence has little effect on privacy.

iii.The bracelet uses a radio signal only when another bracelet is approaching and does not use GPS (Global Positioning System), hence cannot not keep track of the user’s locations.

iv.The bracelet starts to vibrate when another person wearing the same bracelet comes too close to the user.

v.Giorgia Metta also added that soon some other features such as capability to measure body temperature and to calculate the users oxygen levels would be included in the bracelet.

About Italy:
Capital– Rome.
President– Sergio Mattarella.
Prime Minister (PM)– Giuseppe Conte.