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IROAF sets gold standards by winning Golden Peacock Award for Eco Innovation for year 2017

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Indian Railways Organization for Alternate Fuel (IROAF) has set gold standards by winning Golden Peacock Award for Eco Innovation for the year 2017 for introducing eco friendly and cost saving Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) based Dual Fuel 1400 HP Diesel engines on Diesel Electric Multiple Unit (DEMU) trains. 

About Dual Fuel 1400 HP Engine:

The CNG based dual fuel 1400 HP engine used in DEMU trains developed by IROAF has successfully substituted diesel fuel with CNG up to 20%.

  • This innovation will reduce emissions considerably by bringing down nitrogen oxides (NOx) by 16%, CO2by 6% and Particulate Matter by 18% besides achieving economy in fuel cost by 8%.IROAF sets gold standards by winning Golden Peacock Award for Eco Innovation for year 2017
  • So far, 19 Engines of DEMUs have been successfully converted into CNG based dual fuel engines with this technology.
  • It is to be noted that use of CNG in Train Sets for passenger transportation has been done for the first time in the world.

Expected Benefits from substitution of diesel by CNG and scope in future:

Present technology of 20% substitution of diesel by CNG, has potential to save up to Rs. 1360 crore if implemented over entire fleet of Diesel Locomotives of Indian Railways.

  • An improved technology of 40% substitution is at present being developed by IROAF. This will enhance the potential of saving of fuel cost of Indian Railways to about Rs. 3400 crore per annum.
  • The environmental benefits will also double with this improved approach, if successful.

About Golden Peacock Awards:

Golden Peacock Awards were instituted in 1991 by the Institute Of Directors (IOD) – an apex association of directors to improve their professional

  • These awards are regarded as a benchmark of Corporate Excellence worldwide.
  • Based on internationally recognised criteria, the credibility of these awards lies in the transparency, depth & impartiality of the assessment process.

Quick Facts about Indian Railways Organization for Alternate Fuel (IROAF):

IROAF is a premier single window agency of Indian Railways to work as a knowledge base and explore and prove out new fuels and technologies with a view to bring down Indian Railways fuel bill and at the same time achieve a shift towards greener fuels / renewable energy sources for a sustainable future.

  • Headquarters of IROAF is located in Delhi.
  • Ravinder Gupta is the current Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of IROAF.