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Hello friends!

As IBPS has issued the interview call letters for PO/MT V. You’re almost there. Your success in exam landed you an interview and now it’s time to seal the deal.

So what’s the best way to prepare??..

Here are the all-time classic Do’s and Don’ts……


  1. Preparation and confidence Good preparation always creates confidence. You have to consider two things:
  • You must prepare yourself practically for the interview.
  • You have to gather information which is useful during the interview.
  1. Write down and practice possible questions! If you collect the job interview sample questions and practice for it then it will make easy to remember when you get to the interview. Use the third person when talking about the job.
  2. You never get a second chance to make a first impression! First keep in mind that you never get the second chance to make a first impression so be careful.
  3. You never get a second chance to Do not talk too much! Always remember that communication is two-way things so give them a chance. Also don’t interrupt to interviewer when he/she is talking.
  4. Bring Up a Weakness Bring up a weakness before you are asked for one. For example, “I really need to work on my leadership skills. I am a good worker and totally competent, but sometimes I lack the confidence to stand up and take a leadership position.”
  5. The World’s Toughest Job Interview Question Great questions to ask early in a job interview: “What are you most hoping to find in the person you hire?” and “What would be my first priorities on the job?” The earlier you can ask these questions, the sooner you can start tailoring your answers to the employer’s priorities.
  6. Be honest! Be honest with every question. No need to lying about your background and/or skills. If you get caught then you will definitely out.
  7. Ask Questions There is always the opportunity to ask them questions at the end of the interview, remember the interview is a two-way process, you need to be sure you want to join them. Write your questions down prior to the interview and take them with you.


  1. Not preparing for the interview Keep in mind that preparation always increases confidence. So do not face the interview without preparation. You cannot communicate without pre-interview research.
  2. Talking negatively about current or past employers/managers The fastest way to talk yourself out of a new job is to say negative things. Even if your last boss was not good, never state your ill feelings about him/her.
  3. Get too relaxed It’s OK to be friendly, but you’re still trying to make a good impression. Don’t be too relaxed or you may slip up and do something that’s unprofessional. He/She’s not going to base the interview solely on how likeable you are.
  4. Talk about your problems The hiring manager does not want to hear about your 99 problems, and although you’re being honest, it can come off as a pity party.
  5. Lie Never, ever lie. Being found out will ruin your chances of getting the job. Plus if you make up something, you may not be able to talk at length about it without slipping up.
  6. Don’t freak out if you don’t know the answer The interviewer just threw you a big curve ball by asking you to do some calculations when you have a phobia of math.
  7. This shouldn’t have to be said: Don’t bite your fingernails. Don’t touch your face or hair or adjust your clothing.
  8. Don’t assume that a female interviewer is “Mrs.” or “Miss.” Address her as “Ms.” unless told otherwise. Marital status of anyone, male or female, is irrelevant to the purpose of the interview.