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The International Monetary Fund has continued growth forecast for India this year at 7.5 per cent

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The International Monetary Fund is forecasted constant growth for India at 7.5%

  • The growth was driven Private consumption, Weak Exports and Sluggish credit growth weight on the Indian Economy.
  • IMF insisted the policymakers to speed up the structural reform implementation in order to formulate the private consumption because our economy majority benefitted by Private Consumption and has benefited from lower energy prices and higher real incomes.

Regional Economic Outlook for Asia and Pacific

IMF stated that Weak Exports and Sluggish credit growth will weigh on the economy

Statement by International Monetary Fund:

  • Continued growth forecast for India in 2016 mounted at 7.5 % by private consumption the in latest economical view for Asia and the Pacific even mediocre in exports and slack credit growth will have a weigh on Indian economy
  • Beneficial accounts of lower oil prices in India makes shifted economy in the world
  • GDP increase upto 7.5 per cent this year
  • Enhancement of Indian GDP growth reaching 7.3 per cent in 2015 and it is forecasted to 7.5 percent within 2017.IMF announces implementation of long due quota reforms
  • The public infrastructure investment and government measures up-to-date the investment projects.
  • The steps to supply bottlenecks in mining and power management sectors
  • To increase the labour market adaptable in formal sector which is important in future growth of India

About International Monetary Fund:

i. International organization headquartered in Washington, D.C
ii. The IMF – Singapore Regional Training Institute (STI)
iii. Located in Singapore
iv. Serves as the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) regional training center for the Asia-Pacific region
v. It provides training on macroeconomic and financial management, and related legal and statistical issues, to government officials