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International Everest Day 2021 – May 29

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International Everest Day 2021International Everest Day is annually observed across the globe on 29th May to mark the first summit of Mount Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa of Nepal on 29th May 1953.

Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa became the first people to scale the world’s highest mountain.


i.In 2008, The Government of Nepal decided to celebrate the 29th May of every year as the International Everest Day.

ii.The first International Everest Day was observed on 29th May 2008, the year in which  Edmund Hillary passed away.


Everest day aims to promote the Mountain tourism of Nepal. 

The day is celebrated with various memorial events, processions and other events in Kathmandu and other Everest regions. 

Mount Everest:

Other Names:

i.The local Tibetan name of Mount Everest is Chomolungma which means “Goddess Mother of the World”. 

ii.The Nepali name of Mount Everest is Sagarmatha which means “Goddess of the Sky”.


As of 2020, the new agreed height of Mount Everest is 8,848.86 meters (29,031.69 feet)