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International Day of Peace observed on 21st September, 2020

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International Day of PeaceUnited Nations'(UN) International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”) is observed annually on September 21. The day will be devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace through observing “24 hours” of non-violence and cease-fire.

The theme for 2020 International Day of Peace is “Shaping Peace Together”. 

Key Points:

i.The Peace Day was established by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in 1981.  

ii.It was only in 2001, that the UNGA called for complete “non-violence and cease-fire” on the peace day.

iii.The “Peace Day” will be commemorated by spreading awareness and educating people on issues related to peace. 

iv.In March, 2020 United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for all warring parties to lay down their weapons, express solidarity and cooperate across borders, sectors and generations to focus on the battle against COVID-19.

v.The UN urged people to stand against the attempts to use the virus to promote discrimination and hatred.

“Celebrate Peace” – Virtual Event

i.On the occasion of International Day of Peace, Heartfulness Institute partnered with the United Nations Information Centre, Global Citizens India and Spirit of Humanity Forum to organize a virtual event called “Celebrate Peace”.

ii.The Event will explore the power of peace through conversations with eminent personalities such as Dr Kamlesh Patel, BK Shivani, Dr Bruce Lipton and Dr Deepak Chopra.

About United Nations:
Secretary General – Antonio Guterres (Portugal)
Headquarters – New York (United States)