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International Clinical Trials Day – May 20th 2015

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For the Clinical Trials Day that will be observed on 20th of May 2015, the theme  ”Patients First”  has been chosen by the Indian Society of Clinical Research or ISCR. Number of workshops would take place on that day to indicate the importance patients play in the  clinical trials and to show how their safety and welfare are very important.

  • President of ISCR, Suneela Thatte,spoke about the contributions of clinical trial patients in invention of new drugs and medical treatments.
  • She also said India’s contribution towards global clinical trials is very low and it is below 1.5% inspite of the fact that India accounts for 17% of world’s population and 20% of global diseases burden.
  • A nation wide advocacy programme known as NavChetana is launched by by ISCR in order to create an enabling environment for clinical research by raising awareness of its role.
  • To bring clinical research back on track in India,many steps have been taken by the Indian regulators.
  • Restoring confidence among the stakeholders that streamlined guidelines and systems are in order is very crucial.
  • She also spoke about the fact that thousands of patients  are waiting for new drugs and therapies to enter the market and as clinical people its the duty of us to satisfy the needs of people.
  • OnMay 20th, ISCR would be relaunching its publication ‘Clinical Trials- A Guide for Participants’ under NavChetana banner.
  • The main purpose of the publication would be to empower patients by providing them with better understanding of clinical trials.
  • It also helps the patients on the questions they shoot at the investigators before the decision of taking part in the clinical trials.

International Clinical Trials Day or ICTD -what is it??

  • Every year20th May is celebrated as International Clinical Trials Day.
  • It was started first by James Lind in the year 1747.
  • ECRIN or European Clinical Research and Infrastructure Network every year hosts a celebration of ICTD in a European city.
  • In 2015 events regarding clinical trials day would take place in Trondheim,Norway.