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International Buddha Poornima Diwas 2015 – May 4th

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On Monday April 4th 2015 at New Delhi, International Buddha Poornima day was celebrated. Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi, addressed the gathering and said that India should share the pain of the people from neighbouring country with respect to the disastrous situation in Nepal, created by an earthquake.


  • Mr Modi said that the land where Buddha was born was in serious trouble due to an earthquake that had killed thousands of people.
  • Speaking on the occasion from Talkatora stadium, NewDelhi, Mr Modi said that the people of Nepal must not suffer any more hereafter.
  • The gathering on the occasion  was conscious of the suffering because of the recent earthquake,  and he further told that this is an opportunity for everybody to follow Lord Buddha’s message of ”Karuna” meaning compassion.
  • The participants at the venue offered prayers for the earthquake victims along with Mr Modi.
  • India has deployed massive military forces for the rescue operations in Nepal.
  • Mr Modi said Buddha’s timeless message of love and compassioncould help in getting rid off problems of war and violence.
  • Mr Modi recollected his visits to Buddhist temple in Japan, Srilanka and China when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat.
  • He said that the intense spiritual conciousness that pervaded these temples must be forged into powerful force for good in the world.
  • Organised by International Buddhist Confederationwith Home affairs ministry support, the function was seen as ambitious outreach.

Prime Minister also talked about 21st century belonging to Asia, though there may be differences over which Asian country would be 21st century belongs to. But them major fact to be considered is that without Buddha 21st century can never become Asia’s century.


Information About Buddha

  • He was born inKapilavastu,Nepal .
  • His parents are KingSuddhodana and Queen Maya.
  • He marriedYasodhara, who is daughter of King Suppabuddha and Queen Pamita.
  • Buddha was also known asSiddhartha Gautama. and  his only son is Rahula.
  • Buddha died inKushinagar,Uttar Pradesh,India.