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Indo-American Prodigy graduates from college at the age of 11

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At the tender age of 11, Indo-American prodigy Tanishq Abraham graduated from California community college on Thursday 21st May 2015. At the age of six and seven when most of kids of his age would be playing, Tanishq enrolled himself in high school and college courses that saw the beginning of an astonishing career.

  • Tanishq and his sister Tiara became the youngest siblings to join high-IQ society Mensa at age of four.
  • They are children of  Bijou Abraham, a software engineer and his wife Dr Taji Abraham, a doctor of veterinary medicine who told the media at the graduation function that Tanishq was few years ahead even when he was in kinder garden and it took off from there.
  • At the commencement ceremony of the 600-strong class at American River College, where the next youngest student to graduate was twice as old as Tanishq indicates how far above Tanishq had been.
  • Ever since the kids joined Mensa society they were making news and inorder to join Mensa a percentile of or above 98 on Mensa- approved standardized IQ test.
  • Tanishq and Tiara scored 99.9 and 99 percentile respectively proving their class.
  • At the tender age of five Abraham’s enrolled Tanishq in Maths courses of Stanford university Education Program For Gifted youth EPGY, which he completed in less than six months.
  • At the age of six , he took online college level classes in chemistry,biology,paleontology, geology and at seven , he enrolled at American River and completed geology and astronomy getting A’s and emerging as top student in both classes.
  • In 2014, when Tanishq graduated from high school he created record of sorts by completing at age of ten, that made US president Obama send letter praising his achievement.

Mensa International society

  • It is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world.
  • It is a non-profit organisation open to people who get 98 percentile or above on standardized, supervised IQ test.
  • Established on 1st August 1946.
  • Its Headquarters is in Caythorpe,Lincolnshire, England..
  • Major objectives of this are to identify human intelligence for benefit of the humanity, to encourage research into nature, provide stimulating environment for its members.