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India’s Supersonic interceptor missile AAD test-fired

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India test-fired its indigenously developed supersonic interceptor missile, capable of destroying any incoming ballistic missile from a test range off Odisha coast.

  • The interceptor, known as Advanced Air Defence (AAD) missile, was engaged against an electronically prepared target which simulated the trajectory of a hostile ballistic missile.
  • After getting signals from tracking radars, the interceptor, positioned at Abdul Kalam Island (Wheeler Island), roared through its trajectory to destroy the incoming missile mid-air in an endo-atmospheric altitude.
  • The “kill” effect of the interceptor was being ascertained by analysing data from multiple tracking sources.

India’s Supersonic interceptor missile AAD test-firedAbout Advanced Air Defence (AAD)
AAD is a part of Indian Ballistic Missile Defence Programme. It is an anti-ballistic missile designed to intercept incoming ballistic missiles in the endo-atmosphere at an altitude of 30 km (19 mi).

Length7.5 m (25 ft.)
Weight1.2 t (1.2 long tons; 1.3 short tons)
DiameterLess than 0.5 m (1 ft. 8 in)

  • AAD is a single-stage, solid-fuelled missile.
  • It is equipped with an inertial navigation system, midcourse updates from ground based radar and active radar homing in the terminal phase, hi-tech computer and an electro-mechanical activator.
  • The interceptor missile had its own mobile launcher, secure data link for interception, independent tracking and homing capabilities and sophisticated radars.