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Indians least criminal among world’s major economies

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As per data compiled by Institute for Criminal Policy Research, India has a significantly lower imprisonment rate and Indians are thereby the least criminal among world’s major economies.
Indians least criminal among world's major economiesImprisonment Rate across the World:

With imprisonment rate of 33, India seems to be better off than all major economies of the world.

  • Imprisonment rate refers to number of individuals behind the bars out of every one lakh individuals in the population.
  • United States has the highest imprisonment rate (666) among major countries.
  • Total Prison Population: Even in terms of total number of prisoners, United States has topped the list with 2145100 prisoners. On this parameter, India came in at number five with 419623 prisoners.
  • Interestingly, 67.2% prisoners in India are not convicted criminals; rather they are people awaiting completion of trial.
  • Prison Occupancy: As per data, prisons in Haiti are the most over crowded with occupancy rate of 454%. Overcrowding in this context refers to more inmates as compared to the sanctioned strength for a particular prison.
  • In terms of overcrowded prisons, with occupancy rate at 114%, India comes in at number 86 out of 205 countries.
  • According to Prison Statistics India 2015 report, among prison across India, Dadra & Nagar Haveli is at the top in terms of overcrowding in prisons (276.7% occupancy report). Prison in India’s capital Delhi too is overcrowded (226.9% occupancy rate).
  • Institute for Criminal Policy Research is a London-based entity engaged in multidisciplinary research into crime and the criminal justice system.

Least Criminal Countries – Top 5:

RankCountryImprisonment Rate

Total Prison Population – Top 5:

CountryTotal Prison Population