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Indian Polity: Parliament(Consist of Loksabha, Rajyasabha and President)

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Lok Sabha (Article 81):

The Lok Sabha is the popular chamber of the Indian Parliament with a maximum strength of 552 members and this is so from the Thirty -first Amendment onwards when it was increased from 525 members to 552 members body

  • But out of 552, 545 seats filled every year. Of the total members, not more than 525 represent states and 20 is the number of seats reserved for Union Territories. Another provision is of two members to be nominated by the President from Anglo -Indian communities, if in the President’s opinion, it does not have a fair representation in the Lok Sabha.
  • The forty-second Amendment has laid down that 1971 census will serve as the basis of allocation of seats to each State and this will remain so till 2000 A.D. Lately, the Union Cabinet has extended this cap upto 2026 AD.
  • The term of Lok Sabha is for five years. However, it can be dissolved earlier. On the other hand, the term of Lok Sabha can be increased in a situation of emergency.
  • The convention is of Lok Sabha meeting not less than twice every year and there must not be gap between two meeting exceeding six months.
  • The time of meeting is decided by the President, who also has the choice of venue where the meeting can be held. The President also enjoys the power to dissolve or prorogue the House. The quorum of meeting to be held is in tenth of the total strength of the House.
  • A person to be able for contesting election for the membership of Lok Sabha must not be less than 25 years of age and should not hold

 Rajya Sabha (Article 80):

The Rajya Sabha consists of a maximum of 250 members including members nominated as well as elected. The number of elected members is not to exceed 238 representing the States and the Union Territories. The President nominates 12 members having exceptional qualities and experiences in diverse fields like art, literature,science, and social service.

  • The Rajya Sabha is a permanent body with a tenure of each member for six years and it cannot be dissolved. However, one-third of the members retire at the end of every second year.
  • A member must have the basic requirement of being an Indian and not less than 30 years of age. The member must also not hold any office of profit, if he is chosen. If a memberremains absent from the House for more than 60 days, the seat may be declared vacant