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Indian Navy conducts Joint Tri-Service Military Exercise ‘AMPHEX-21’ in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

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Indian-Navy-conducts-Joint-AMPHEX--21-Exercise-with-Army-and-Air-ForceThe Indian Navy conducted an Joint Tri-Service Amphibious Military Exercise  ‘AMPHEX-21’ in Andaman & Nicobar group of Islands from January 21-25, 2021. Defence Exercise ‘KAVACH’ for defence of Andaman & Nicobar Islands was also a part of AMPHEX-21 exercise,

  • KAVACH took place in Andaman Sea & Bay of Bengal under the command of Andaman & Nicobar Command (ANC), which is the sole Joint Services Command of the Country.
  • Both exercises witnessed participation from all service components of Indian Armed Forces – Indian Army, Air Force, Navy & Coast Guard.


  • To safeguard the Territorial integrity of India’s Islands
  • Increasing Operational readiness within the Forces
  • Demonstrating Air Dominance and maritime strike capability in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR)

ii.Participants in the Exercise:

  • Corvettes, submarine & amphibious landing ships of Eastern Naval Command (ENC) and Amphibious Brigade of Army’s Southern Command. 
  • Special Forces – Marine Commandos, Para Commandos
  • Jaguar Aircraft & Transport Aircraft from Indian Air Force

iii.Activities carried out during the Exercise:

  • The forces demonstrated joint capabilities of Intelligence gathering from space, air, land & sea based assets, analyzing & sharing them on a real-time basis to enable quick decision making during battle times.
  • The exercises also focused on joint warfighting capabilities  & Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for increasing operational cooperation.
  • The forces carried multi-domain, high-intensity offensive & defensive moves in the Andaman Sea & Bay of Bengal
  • The operations also involved amphibious landing operations, air landed operation, insertion of Special Forces from Helicopters from sea and other tactical operations.
  • All the areas covered during the exercise hold strategic significance for India.
  • MI-17 V5 Armed Helicopters undertook precision targeting against designated enemy assets at sea and on land.
  • The training exercise culminated with the beach landing operations by elements of Amphibious Brigade of Southern Command from INS Jalashwa, Airavat, Guldar and LCU MK-4 class of ships with 600 troops along with tanks, troop carrier vehicles and other heavy weapons.

iv.A combined intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance exercise under the control of Headquarters of Integrated Defence Staff took place simultaneously to achieve the objective of Maritime Domain Awareness.

  • A Large number of sensors were used to achieve Maritime Domain Awareness.

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i.November 6, 2020, ANC conducted a three-day Tri-Service Combat Exercise code named “Bull Strike” from November 3-5,2020 at Teressa Island in Nicobar Group of Islands.

About Indian Army:
Chief of Defence Staff – General Bipin Rawat
Commander-in-Chief of Indian Armed Forces – President of India (Ram Nath Kovind)