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Indian Army Service Corps’s 262nd Corps Day – 8th December 2022

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262nd Army Service Corps Day - December 8 2022Indian Army Service Corps (IASC)’s Corps Day is annually observed on 8th December to commemorate the rich history of the IASC and to pay homage to the Soldiers and Martyrs who served the nation.

  • 8th December 2022 marks the observance of IASC’s 262nd Corps Day and 11th Reunion Day.

IASC is the oldest and the largest administrative service in the Indian Army that handles its logistic support function.

Motto of IASC – Seva Asmakam Dharma


i.The Corps was established as an administrative component of the armies of the East India Company in 1760. 

ii.The corps expanded over time and took part in overseas campaigns during the World War I. The corps was named “Indian Army Service Corps(IASC)” in 1923 and was allowed to use the prefix “Royal” in 1935 and became RIASC.

iii.When India became a republic in 1950, the Corps dropped the prefix “Royal”. On 8th December 1950, the President of India accorded sanction to the Corps to use the National Emblem in the ASC badge and wear the red lanyard on the right shoulder as a recognition of its services.

  • For the first time, Corps Day was celebrated on 8th December 1952 and since then 8th December is annually observed as IASC’s Corps Day.


As a part of the 11th ASC Reunion and the 262nd Corps Day, A military display of Army equestrian sports, paramotor flying, free fall from paratroopers, and a flying demonstration by the Sarang team of the Indian Air Force was organised at the ASC Centre and College, Bengaluru, Karnataka on 8th and 9th December 2022.

Microlight Flying Expedition from Gaya to Bengaluru:

i.As part of the 11th Army Service Corps Reunion Day, to commemorate the 75th year of independence, the Army Adventure Nodal Centre (Microlight) Gaya has undertaken a Microlight Flying Expedition from Gaya(Bihar) to Bengaluru(Karnataka) under the aegis of IASC and Army Adventure Wing, Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence (Army).

ii.The cross-country flight expedition was flagged off from Gaya on 30th November 2022.

iii.A fleet of 4 microlight aircraft covered an aerial distance of more than 5,000 km in about 17 days (including airshow/maintenance halt). The route covered  Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka.

Tornadoes ASC Motorcycle Display team creates World Record:

Tornadoes ASC Motorcycle Display team created World Record in Bengaluru, Karnataka. With this, the 11th ASC Reunion has increased its tally of 32 world records and added 3 new world records to its list.

i.Tornadoes’s Captain Abhijeet Singh Grewal created a world record for the longest continuous ride by standing on a motorcycle seat.

  • He broke the record of the Guinness World Record of 41.8 km held by Hardan al Delaimi. Iraq and 75.2 km record of Indian Army Signals motorcycle Team Daredevils.

ii.Havildar Harikesh Yadav created a new record of 356 km in 9 hours 17 minutes for longest motorcycle ride while sitting on tail light and thereby broke the earlier record of 111 Km held by Army Corps of Signals Team Daredevils.

iii.Manish created a new record for the longest wheelie on Royal Enfield 350CC covering a distance of 2.4 km.