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India has secured ninth position in the 2016 Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index

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Vikas Kaushal Speech:

He said that being grown belief among global business leaders that India is finally embarking on a growth path that will see it unlock its full potential.

  • He also noted the government has kick started reforms and has undertaken various measures to boost domestic demand, employment and macroeconomic stability in the country.
  • He clarified that the global economic environment continued uncertainity in India and it is likely to fastens the growth rate.
  • He denoted that India has emerged as the fastest growing economy in the world, surpassing China as well as Brazil, Russia and South Africa.


The Index of a London:

  • The Index of a London-based consulting firm progresses political, economic, and regulatory changes which likely affect FDI.
  • The Index is constructed using primary data from a proprietary survey administered to senior executives of the world’s leading corporations.

Economic Survey:

In this year’s survey, 32 per cent of the respondents suggested that more optimistic about India’s economic overview over the next three years.

The results of the Index:

  • Show that domestic market size
  • Cost of labour
  • Regulatory transparency
  • Lack of corruption

Rank Postions of Various Countries:

  • The US and China hold top two positions in FDI Confidence Index
  • Canada ranked at third position.
  • Germany secured fourth position.
  • The UK, Japan, Australia and France secured the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth position
  • Singapore secured the tenth position.

FDI Definition:

A foreign direct investment is a controlling ownership in a business enterprise in one country by an entity based in another country.

About Foreign Direct Investment in India:

  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India is the major monetary source for economic development in India.
  • Foreign companies invest directly in fast growing private Indian businesses to take benefits of cheaper wages and changing business environment of India.
  • Economic liberalisation started in India in wake of the 1991 economic crisis and since then FDI has steadily increased in India.