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India, Russia signed 11 MoIs for Higher Academic Cooperation

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Eleven Memorandum of Intents or MoI’s, were signed by the higher learning in India and Russia  to establish Institutes of Higher Education on 8th May 2015. Leading Indian and Russisan academic institutes will train highly  qualified staffs for innovative economy and expand scientific technical and technological cooperation.

  • MoIs are signed in Moscow in the presence of Indian President Mr Pranab Mukerjee, who had gone to Russia on a 4 day short visit to witness the Victory Day Parade on 9th may 2015, that marks  the 70th anniversary of Allied Forces victory in the Second World War.
  • The establishment of a network of Russian and Indian Universities will facilitate the establishments of more institutional linkages, exchange of faculty,students and researchers.
  • It will also help in  scientific conferences,research developments and symposias etc
  • From the Indian side those that signed the memorandum are IITBombay,IIT Madras,IIT Delhi,University of Delhi,Indian Statistical Institute and Institution of Engineers.
  • Cooperation agreement was signed between Department of Science and Technology in India and Russian Science foundation, that will help in joint research activities.
  • The purpose of signing these MoIs with Russia is India is trying to increase its economic growth and development through strong importance on  innovation and technology.

Information regarding Victory Day

  • Victory Day refers to the capitulation or surrendering of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union in part of Second world War.
  • Every year 9th of May is Victory Day.
  • In Soviet union,this day was celebrated to commemorate Red Army’s victory over Nazi Forces.
  • Some of the countries celebrating Victory Day are USSR,Armenia,Azerbaijan,Belarus,Poland, Serbia etc.
  • Victory Day London on May 9th every year is  ceremonial event, held in London in commemoration of victory in Second World War.

About Second World War

  • It is also called as World War 2 that took place between 1939 to 1945.
  • Second World war involved more than 100 million people from around 30 countries all over the world.
  • Two opposing military alliances the Allies and the Axis were formed.
  • Result of the War is Allied victorious, collapse of 3rd Reich, fall of Italian and Japanese empires,creation of UN,Superpowers like USA and Soviet Union,beginning of the Cold War etc.