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India richer by 349 new species

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On the brink of extinction of species of the today’s world, the news of newly founded  349 species of plants and animals has created a sense of happiness for the nature lovers. The Scientists have discovered 349 new species of flora and fauna in the last one year, 173 species of plants and 176 species of animals to be specific .

  • On World Environment Day, Botanical Survey of India BSI and Zoological Survey of India ZSI had released the list of  newly discovered species.
  • A according to the BSI Director Paramjit Singh, Nine new taxa of wild musa(bananas) , four species of black plum (jamun), three species of wild gingibers and ten species of orchids.

Biodiversity areas in India

          Western Ghats— 22% of species found,
          Eastern Himalayas— 15% of species,
          North-Eastern states— 15% of the species. Arunachal Pradesh — 25 species of seed plants.

  • At the ZSI, Director Mr K. Venkatraman stated that , 176 new species are added to the list of existing animals.
          Insects— 93 species found
          Collembollans-– 7 species found,
          Arachnids and Crustaceans —  12 species found.
          Mollusca- one species found.
  • In Tamil Nadu and in Madhya Pradesh two species of reptiles are located for the first time ever.
  • Insect species are more than any other animal groups.
  • List also had amphibians and fishes of 24 and 23 new species respectively.
  • Majority of fishes species  were found in North-East India and  new species of amphibians were discovered in Western Ghats.
  • BSI and ZSI both added 105 new records and 61 new records respectively.
  • New records refer to plants and animals found elsewhere in the world but first time in India.
  • 614 new species of plants and animals were discovered and they reduce with time.
  • In India,96,891 species of animals and 47,791 species of plants have been recorded.

Botanical Survey of India BSI— It was set up in 1890 by Indian government to survey the plant resources. Its headquarters is in Kolkata formerly Calcutta. George King is thefirst  ex-officio Director.

Zoological Survey of India ZSI— It was set up on 1st July 1916 with Calcutta as its headquarters.It is Indian organisation involved in zoological studies.